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U.S. Road Trip Destinations

florida road trip

Top Five U.S. Road Trip Destination Hot Spots

Looking for U.S. road trip destination options? Need some open road to let off some steam or experience something new? You have come to the right place. Check out our favorite U.S. road trip options below that we believe are the perfect solution to your research needs. 

Road Trip Destination Option #1: Route 66.

One of the most famous American roadways. Historically, this pathway served as a getaway to those immigrating west.  Created in 1926, it runs from Chicago IL to Santa Monica, CA. This famous route takes you through seven U.S states (Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and California) and such major cities as Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Flagstaff and Los Angeles. A fun way to see unique parts of the United States. This road trip on average takes 14 days. 

If you want open road to clear you mind, this is your your best bet. With over 2400 miles through open flat terrain, your mind will be free. 

Such highlights along the trip include: Abe Lincoln’s Tomb, Cadillac Ranch, Meramec Caverns and Kimo Theater. 

Note Route 66 is no longer an official road and thus, won’t appear on most maps. Though plenty of options exist to highlight its path. Free turn by turn directions exist on, a non profit created to pass along the history of such route. 
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Road Trip Destination Option #2: The Lincoln Highway.

America’s first transcontinental highway from sea to shining sea. It was begun in 1913 and completed in 1925. It runs from New York City to San Francisco. Aka Atlantic to the Pacific. This famous route takes you through 13 U.S states (Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and California) and such major cities as New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Lincoln, Pittsburgh, and Gettysburg. This trip on average takes 11 days to complete. 

Such trip highlights include: Bedford Springs, Great Salk Lake, Sierra Nevada. 

The Lincoln Highway like Route 66 unfortunately is no longer an official U.S. roadway. Thus, it won’t officially appear on a map. Though plenty of options exist to showcase this pathway. Turn by turn directions exist on The Lincoln Highway Association, a non-profit organization created to preserve this U.S. treasure. 

Road Trip Destination Option #3: Florida’s East Coast.

Looking to see the Ocean and friendly beaches during all of your drive? Florida’s East Coast Drive is the solution to your itch. 

This road trip destination starts in Jacksonville, Florida and ends in Miami, Florida. One covers such towns florida road tripas Daytona  Beach, Cap Canaveral, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, during this drive. On average, it takes 6 day to complete. The best time to go on this adventure is the fall to avoid the Florida heat.

Such notable trip destinations include: Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Blowing Rocks Preserve, and the Daytona 500 Experience.

Lastly, if you are a beach lover, this is your best bet to have a lifetime of memories. 

Road Trip Destination Option #4: Natchez Trace Parkway

The richest drive in the South with mountains, swamp, rivers and saloons to keep you company on the journey. This beautiful path starts in Nashville, TN and ends at Natchez, MS. It winds through 442 wooded miles and on average takes 3 days to complete. This road way follows the original Native American pathway created to seek out Tennessee salt mines. One covers such towns as Nashville, Tupelo, Jackson, and Natchez. The best time to tackle this adventure is either spring or fall. 

Unlike previous road trip destinations listed above, this is path is marked and can be found a modern map. 

Such notable destination hot spots include Auburn Mansion, Bluebird Cafe, Phar mounds. 

Lastly, to learn more about this unique pathway, check out the National Park Service Website on the Natchez Trace. This site is a wealth of information to help plan your trip. 

Road Trip Destination Option #5: Civil War Tour. 

Not a beach or scenic kinda of guy or gal? Enjoy history more? No problem, we know the perfect road trip for u.s. road trip destinationyou. Sign up to tackle the U.S. road trip along the U.S. Civil War battle grounds. U.S Civil war battle grounds are some of the best preserved areas in the United States.  One covers such U.S. states as Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia on this adventure.

This road trip starts in Vicksburg, MS and ends in Atlanta, GA. On average this civil war tour takes 6 days and covers 740 miles. The best time to tackle this adventure is early summer.

Lastly, such notable destination hot spots include the Atlanta History Center, Carnton Plantation, and Vicksburg National Military Park.  

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