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Roof Top Carrier FAQ: How to lock a Rightline Sport rooftop carrier

Roof Top Carrier FAQ: How to lock a Rightline Sport rooftop carrier

Quick Rightline Gear Roof Top Carrier FAQ Answer

rooftop carrier target; rooftop carrier walmart; rooftop carrier ford escapeThe Rightline Gear Sport rooftop carrier series unfortunately don’t come with locks or keys. If you want to lock the Rightline Gear Sport rooftop carrier you need to purchase or rent separately the Rightline lock they offer. 

A Rightline lock is a combination lock that uses four digits to open and lock. Further, the lock has a cord that slips through the zippers on the Rightline rooftop sport carries to lock as pictured below. Thus, you don’t have to worry about a key or misplacing the key during your adventure. 


Rightline Gear Roof Top Carrier Locking Tips

rightline rooftop carrier lockBelow is an image from the Rightline lock instruction manual showing how the lock combination set up and locking mechanics work.  As you can see from the photo, it only takes a few quick steps to utilize this lock. 


Replacement Rightline Gear Lock

If you misplace this lock, Rightline sells these locks for as little as $15.  We also rent them for as little as $8 with our rooftop carrier rentals. These Rightline locks can work on an assortment of rooftop carriers besides merely Rightline carriers. 

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