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Rooftop Carrier Tips

Rooftop Carrier Tips

Rooftop Bag Seekers,

Looking to rent a rooftop cargo bag/rooftop carrier in the near future, but not sure which rooftop carrier you really need?  Here are some great rooftop carrier tips we at Rentluggage believe every traveler should consider when considering a rooftop carrier. We think our rooftop carrier tips are the best out there. Give them a read and then give us a try. We are excited to help. 

1. Determine how many people intend to use the rooftop carrier.

  • If you are talking about a family, the bigger the better as you normally always have more stuff than you anticipate with kids. Check out our biggest rooftop cargo bag option here.
  • If only a couple intending to use a rooftop bag for a weekend getaway to the countryside, go with a smaller bag. No sense in having extra space in the rooftop bag. The extra space will only slow down your car and give you poorer gas mileage. Check out our weekend getaway option here.
  • If a whole sports team is your group, rent a bus, a rooftop cargo bag is not for you.


2. Think about the weather conditions you plan  on encountering

  • If you think wet weather is even a remote possibility, make sure you are renting a rooftop luggage bag that is water proof
  • Check out one of our weather resistant rooftop cargo bag options here
  • If you are driving through the desert, waterproof roof top cargo bags should not be a high priority on your travel list


3. Ponder what type of car you intend to use for this great road trip with the rooftop cargo bag

  • If a convertible is your vehicle of choice, we at rentluggage do NOT recommend a rooftop carrier unless it is a hard top convertible
  • Soft-top convertibles were not designed to hold any type of weight on top of them.
  • A car with a roof rack on top is our top recommendation of choice


4. Consider the items you intend to store within the rooftop cargo bag during your travels

  • Rentluggage does not suggest you store any highly breakable items such as cookware or electronics, one never knows what could fly up and hit your car from the road. 
  • We also do not recommend any animals of any size  (that means Mitt Romney’s family dog shouldn’t be placed in one of our rooftop cargo bags) be placed in a rooftop carrier


Still have questions on rooftop bags? Want more rooftop carrier tips? We are glad to answer any rooftop cargo bag questions you may have. We carry both Yakima and Thule cargo bags.

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