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Scotland Golf Travel Tips


Traveling to Scotland this summer to play some golf with the sheep? Check out “the Rick Steves of Scottish Golf” named Allan McAllister Ferguson and his golf travel tips. Mr. Ferguson has become one of the most well known golf experts on Scottish Golf and has recently just published his fourth edition traveling planning guide to golf in Scotland. 

Our only beef with his book is he forgot to mention rentluggage and our rental golf travel bags which are great for that golf trip to Scotland or Europe.  Why buy a golf travel bag when you can rent from us? We are only a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing a brand new golf travel bag for your golf trip to Scotland.  Allan you should check out our golf travel bags options, we are a great golf Scotland tip and will make your travel guide book that much better. 

Overall, Mr. Ferguson’s book is especially worth reading if you want to play St. Andrews, he has 8 tips on how to get a tee time on St. Andrews. These tips alone make this book a must read. If you have ever tried to play St. Andrew you know what we are talking about. Check out the Denver Post’s recent write upon Allan’s book here

 If you want to purchase Allan’s book check it out here on Amazon. We are not a Amazon affiliate, just trying to make your golf travel experience that much better.  


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