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Sell Your Outdoor Gear

Got Old Gear you want to Sell?

Don’t feel like selling your used gear yourself? Let us do it. We buy used gear.

We are luggage and outdoor gear experts, who are ready and willing to buy YOUR quality luggage, backpacks, ski gear, ski racks, rooftop carriers, bike travel bags, golf travel bags and other travel gear with Rent Luggage. Just sit back, relax and dream about the money you will make to use for your upcoming trip.

FAQ Selling Stuff

How much will you get for your stuff?

  1. It depends. We base our buying prices on brand, condition and demand for the items. You will generally receive 30-50% of the original retail price depending on demand, condition and current inventory levels of like products.
What do we love to buy?

Categories we love to buy

  • Backpacks - 40 to 100 liters backpacks, daily or extend trip
  • Bike Racks & Travel Gear - hitch, top of car bike racks,-bike travels bags hard or soft
  • Ski Racks & Gear - ski racks top of car or hitch, travel bags for ski/snowboard, rooftop bags or carriers
  • Golf Travel Bags - hard or soft 
  • Travel Luggage/ Duffel Bags

Next Steps…

Answer and submit these short questions below. Please also submit at least 3 photos of the gear too. Within 24 hours, we will email you back a price quote for us to purchase your gear.

Sell Your Items

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    Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 4.