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Sell Your Yakima Fatcat Ski Rack- Here’s How


Got a Yakima Fatcat Evo Ski Rack You Want to Sell?

Don’t feel like selling your used Yakima Fatcat Evo Ski Rack ski rack yourself? Let us buy it instead. We buy used ski racks like Yakima Fatcat ski racks including ones that have sat in your basement or garage for a while that are collecting dust, dirt and spiderwebs.

Yes, you read that opening paragraph correctly. We want to buy your old ski rack. 

We are interested in both Yakima Fatcat evos and Yakima Fatcat ski racks and both the 4 and 6 model rack options. 

FatCat6_Yakima Snowboard Rack FatCat 6 Yakima Ski Rack

Trying to figure out why we are interested? We are ski rack experts, who are ready and willing to buy YOUR quality ski gear, backpacks, snowboard rack gear, ski racks, rooftop carriers, bike travel bags, golf travel bags and other travel gear with Rent Luggage. Just sit back, relax and dream about the money you will make.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help take your ski rack, clean it up and find other folks that can use the ski rack equipment to see beautiful snowy mountains. We want to reuse and repurpose your ski racks for ski adventure seeking people to enjoy.

Through the power of our site, we hope to make your life easier, give you a fair price for your equipment and get the equipment into the hands of others that want to ski as well. 

This offer also include spare parts or pieces of a Yakima Fatcat ski racks in case you only have parts to sell us. Let us know how we can help you.  

Not sure what model you have?

Don’t have a Yakima Fatcat but you do have a different type of Yakima ski rack or not sure what Yakima exact model you have, feel free to send us an inquiry on those models as well.  We are glad to help. 

Next Steps to Sell Your Yakima Ski Rack…

Answer and submit these short questions below. Please also submit at least 3 photos of the Yakima gear so we can best appreciate the condition and applicable parts/locks/keys that you have.

Within 24 hours, we will email you back a price quote for us to purchase your Yakima fatcat ski/snowboard rack.

If you accept our offer, we will then send you a prepaid fedex shipping label and provide details to issue you payment for the track.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


Sell Your Items

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