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Senior Citizen Travel Tips

Senior Citizen Travel Tips

Besides saving you money, Rent Luggage also strives to save you time and energy when traveling. Below is the first of our series focused on travelers of different ages. 

Overall, older people are becoming more active in this day and age. This includes an ever increasing number of older people who enjoy traveling. If you have a parent, or other elderly loved one, that desires to take a flight on her own, there are eight specific travel tips you will want to keep in mind.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #1: Homework and Plan Ahead

If you have a parent, or other older loved one, who will be traveling solo, work closely with them to plan, reserve, and confirm all aspect of the trip. You should undertake these tasks well in advance of the planned departure date to ensure that any issues that may pop up are dealt with efficiently and well enough in advance to prevent a major problem.

senior citizen travel tipSenior Citizen Travel Tip #2: Take Advantage of Special Services

Reserve a specific seat designated for a person with special needs. These are seats on an aircraft that are more convenient and easier to access.

Airports and airlines offer special services for older individuals, typically at no additional charge. For example, every airport offers a free wheelchair or motorized transport service for older individuals. If the airline will be serving a meal on a particular flight, you can contact the company and advise of any dietary restrictions.

Understanding TSA rules, you won’t be able to accompany your elderly loved one to the gate. Therefore, arrange for an airline staff member or airport concierge or sky-cap assistant to be with your older loved one through all steps in the process of getting to the gate and on the plane.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #3: ID and Passport

Depending on where an elderly person is flying, make sure that she has an appropriate ID, passport, and other documentation. Make sure she has copies of these documents in the event they get lost of stolen. You’ll want copies as well. (They are easier to replace when copies exist.)

Make sure she also has copies of prescriptions and all health insurance information, including Medicare and insurance cards. Consider getting a mobile phone for your elderly loved one, if she doesn’t yet have one. You can keep the device very simple and inexpensive.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #4: Pack Light

Whenever possible, pack as light as possible for an elderly person. Ideally, select one carryon bag with wheels for your loved one. Although you arrange for assistance for her, there may be times when she’ll have to carry her bag, at least for a short bit of time. You definitely want it to be something she can easily manage.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #5: Safety and Security

If a woman is the traveler, she needs to consider giving up her purse for the trip. She can replace it with a money belt worn under a blouse or what is known as a Passage Wallet which can be worn hidden under her coat by a neck cord. A man should not carry a wallet in his back pocket. Instead, he can also take advantage of a Passage Wallet.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #6: Medication Management

Because older individuals typically take multiple medications, you will want to make sure that a proper med management regimen is in place. You need to devise a system whereby your loved one will not forget to take medications at appointed times, and will take the proper ones.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #7: TSA Security

Prepare your older loved one for the TSA security check. This includes making certain that they have clothing items that will provide the least amount of effort on her part when going through TSA screening. Make sure she has easily to remove shoes, Avoid belts. As an aside, if your older loved one has someone from the airport or airline walking them through the process (as was recommended), the TSA screening process will be easier to maneuver.

Senior Citizen Travel Tip #8: Arrival Destination

You need to check and double check that those at the destination are prepared to retrieve your older loved one at the airport at the other end. Maintain contact with the individual retrieving the traveler from before she departs on the outbound flight and until she is picked up at the final destination.

Make sure the older traveler has all of the contact information for the person designated to meet her written down. She might even want to carry a photo of that individual on hand as well. This information, and the photo, can be helpful if someone ends up assisting the elderly traveler in connecting with her pickup at the destination.

By following these tips, an older person will have a safe and enjoyable trip. In addition, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that all important bases have been covered.

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