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Ski Rack Rental Announcement

Dear Winter Adventure Seeking Travelers,

Below, a quick personal story, a money saving ski travel tip, and a major announcement from us (only a 2 minute reading time)…

First, the personal travel story for your reading pleasure. Like many Americans, last year we decided to take a winter ski trip. Our plan was to travel to the Rockies for a week over the winter holidays and ski on some fresh powder. Excited we were to feel the cold air hit our face as we flew down the slopes. For this winter trip, besides purchasing cheap ski lift tickets, we also bought a high-end ski rack. Though the ski rack drained our pocket books for $350. We thought the ski rack was a must as we couldn’t hit the Rockies without our personal skis. Sound familiar?

Though the ski rack worked great, this penny foolish rack investment would come back to haunt us after the trip.

The expensive ski rack sat on our car for a month after we got back because we didn’t want to take the time to uninstall it. Even after we finally took the ski rack off, it sat in our garage collecting dust for months on end.

Our biggest trip regret was not spending more time on the slopes enjoying the fresh powder and time with friends.  So how does this make your vacation better and longer and save you $$$?

See below on… 

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Ski/Snowboard Rack Rentals-Winter Edition

To prevent others from experiencing our terrible ski story, Rentluggage is proud to announce our “Ski/Snowboard Rack Money Saving Program.

With this new rental option, you can rent our ski and snowboard racks for as short as three days and not be out lots of money. Our ski rack rentals prevent you from having to rent skis once at your destination. Our racks attach to almost any cross rail system on your car. You can even attach our ski rack rentals to most rental cars.

So how much does this great deal $$$$$$$?

Our New Rack Rentals Start as low as $29.99.

Compare that rental rack fee to a brand new $350 ski rack and do the math. That savings is at least one extra ski lift pass on your favorite ski slope this year.

TRAVEL TIP HERE: Rent, don’t buy a ski rack.

Don’t you want to spend one more day on a winter mountain with friends?

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