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Summer Study Abroad Programs – Why Buy a Backpack When You Can Rent

Summer Study Abroad Programs – Why Buy a Backpack When You Can Rent

College Traveling Tips – Summer Study Abroad Programs

Dreaming of summer and traveling the world? Study abroad programs are a potential solution you may not have thought of to make your dreams a reality. Study abroad programs are available year round. They don’t just take place in the fall and spring semesters.

Companies such as AIFS, CIS and CIEE are leading the summer study abroad trend. With dozens of countries to choose from and plenty of course options, studying abroad is a fun way to gain credits, meet new people, and travel the world.

Many summer students though may find it hard to afford a summer study abroad program as planes, trains, lodging are expensive. We at Rentluggage hear your concerns and have come up with a way to expand your travel budget. We recommend renting one of our extended backpacks for your trip. Our rentals are a fraction of the cost to buy new.

With this strategy, you only pay a fraction to rent a backpack for your summer trip compared to purchasing an expensive backpack for hundreds of dollars. Also, with our backpacks you can travel with a ton of clothes and gear without having to make hard sacrifices on your favorite outfits.

To get this great deal, just call us or go online and provide us with a few details about your trip. After the order is placed, we will ship out the bags for your intended delivery date and location to use for your trip. All of our orders ship via FedEx so you can track the rentals from our doorstep to yours and get an email alert when it arrives. Every order also comes with a pre-paid shipping label to mail the bag back to us for FREE!!! Check out this brief how to rent video to learn more.

Want to get to class in London via your personal bike or play a round of golf in Scotland? No problem! We also rent sporting equipment such as bike travel bags and golf travel bags that can be used anywhere in the world . Learn more about our bike bag rental service and our golf club shipping service.

Now doesn’t this sound easy? It’s because it is! Keep the memories and not the luggage for your upcoming trip.

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