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Surfing Travel Tips: Top 6 surf spots on the West Coast

surfing travel tips

Surfing Travel Tips: Top 6 surf spots on the West Coast

Surfing Travel Tips: Top 6 surf spots on the west coast

At Rent Luggage our goal is to continue to expand our travel tips into new travel sports. Check out these new helpful surfing travel tips to use in 2021 and beyond.

Every summer a large amount of new and old surfers wants to find surf spots along the west coast. Of course, many consider the classic beaches of California. However, they are not the only beaches along the west coast with amazing surf spots.

To be able to enjoy different challenges our friends at came up with some awesome spots in Oregon and Washington State. Some of these surf spots can be excellent without a doubt, these surf spots will be able to offer great experiences for your next surfing vacation and other water-related activities, such as fishing or kayaking. If you are interested in kayak fishing, you can find a list here for more information.

Oregon Surfing Hot Spots

  • Otter Rock

For those surfers who want to enjoy small and slow waves, this place is for you. Located less than 10 miles north of Newport is an exposed beach break that has quite reliable surf and can work at any time of the year.

The best time to visit this beach is in the summer for its small and calm waves for beginners. Otherwise, at other times of the year, there may be some storms that increase the difficulty of surfing.

So, if you’re just starting to learn how to surf, you’ll be able to find some special stores for surfing. After you are done at the beach, be sure to visit the town, as it offers a great variety of attractions to complement your trip.

  • Pacific City

Located on the south side of Cape Kiwanda, you can find a large stretch of beach that is somewhat protected. For many people, it is a favorite destination because of the tranquility all year long. This spot is another recommended place for amateurs who are taking their first steps on a surfboard.

On the beach, you can find calm waves up to 3 feet high. Surf beginners can take private lessons from high-level surfers. So, you can take advantage of learning the basics from a pro.

Pacific city can offer other attractions that combine the best of nature and the local culture. So, it is not only a good place to enjoy surfing. It is also an excellent way to enjoy a beautiful beach with a rich natural environment and cultural depth.

  • Short Sand Beach

Without a doubt, Oregon has some of the most beautiful coves on the west coast. Short Sand Beach is located along these coves. Frequented by locals from the north or Oregon and tourists because of its calm beaches.

This spot has excellent waves for both beginners and advanced surfers. The swell can arise when you least expect it, so amateur surfers should refrain from facing the rising waves.

Beyond that, Short Sandy Beach is a beautiful place that combines great attractions and activities for surfers and visitors in general. We highly recommend visiting here on for your next surfing trip.

  • Indian Beach

Near Ecola State Park you will find Indian beach located north of Cannon Beach. Enjoy nice winds and a beach exposed to a formidable swell. It is even highly recommended that beginner surfers with little experience stay within the rough waters.

By doing so, it will be much easier to allow intermediate surfers to face the waves that can reach approximately 5 feet high. once you finish with the challenge of facing this beach you will be able to continue enjoying other activities.

Washington Surfing Hot Spots

  • Westport

Westport offers 3 main surf breaks, which can accommodate every skill level from beginner through advanced and is recognized as one of the most popular surfing destinations in Washington, Oregon.

Know during the summer for its small waves that should attract first-time surfers. But if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer any other time of the year is a great time to come here. with much bigger and adventurous waves which can be a great incentive for many surfers.

  • The Push

Finally, another surf spot that Washington can offer is this spectacular beach that includes a great variety of attractions and activities. Along the Olympic Peninsula, many tourists come to this beach which is located near Forks, Washington. Here you can find First Beach and Second Beach if you want to learn the fundamental concepts of surfing.

During the summer is the best time to visit the Push and find great waves with the appropriate height. However, you also can visit these beaches at other times of the year to find more height in each wave. Along with this, it is possible to find surf stores to rent the best boards and high-level equipment.

Final Surfing Travel Tips 

Undoubtedly, it is not necessary to count only on the beaches of California when you want to know the all the best surfing spots on the west coast. All the beaches we have mentioned can be adapted to different skill levels. Whether you are just starting or pro surfer, the west coast offers some of the best waves in the US.

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