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Ten Travel Tips for College Move In Day

Ten Travel Tips for College Move In Day

Ten Travel Tips for College Move In Day

College Move In Day Tips

1. Sort everything out one week in advance.

College Move In Day TipsOne great sorting method involves putting all of your items into categories. Set aside a designated area for clothes, appliances, bedding, books, etc. Giving yourself a week also allows you to pack at your own pace, and check out for all of your packing needs.

2. Know how you will be packing.

The packing process can be stressful—especially if you do not have the right luggage. Big, clunky, suitcases fill up quickly in the back of the car. Need help maximizing car space? Ask our Luggage Guy.

3. Confronting miniscule dorms.

College students get cheated out of spacious living quarters. Dorm space must be used wisely. Storing a large suitcase in your closet only limits what you can bring. Rent our Thule 868 rooftop carrier, and bring more of your seasonal outfits. Halloween costumes too!

4. Avoid the long lines at the store.

Home furnishing stores have designated pickups at your college. Skip the hassle and inflated prices. Keep your own stuff for your dorm room. Buy the college items on your own time, not after a scorching 8-hour car ride.

5. Embrace Overpacking.

Practically, every college student brings too many items. However, distinguishing what not to bring can be difficult. That ironing board may come in handy late in the semester, when you have to give a presentation for a grade. Don’t be stuck with a wrinkled shirt, and no ironing board.

6. Setup technology

College requires more technology nowadays. Your computer, personal fan, printer, stereo system, lamp—all vary in difficulty in setting up. Have a plan for setting up and moving all of your technology.

7. Ask for discounts.

Hundreds of well-established companies offer student discounts. The key is the act of asking. The worst outcome of asking is a simple no.

8. Spend a few days hanging with your hometown friends.

Old friends are your cornerstones. Understand new opportunities sit ahead, but remember who helped you become an adult.

9. Enjoy the move-in process with your family

Why not share the unpacking experience with family and friends? Don’t clutter the inside of your car. Put your stuff on the top of your car with our Rightline Sport 3 rooftop carrier.

10. Understand college as a milestone in your life.

Living on your own is a noteworthy accomplishment. Keeping things into perspective remains critical. It will be filled with high times and disappointments, but the four years are a fulfilling experience.

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