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The Best Kind Of Golf Travel Bag...

The Best Kind Of Golf Travel Bag…

The Best Kind Of Golf Travel Bag For A Golf Junkie

For many years, I have been enamored of golf. I have played thousands of games all throughout the United States, and even outside of our country. Of course, when people hear my stories, they ask me all kinds of questions and tips: some want to know how to lower their number of bogeys, some want to know the best swinging techniques and some ask what kinds of golf clubs I use.

With this said, it always baffles my mind that not many people are interested in what kinds of bags I use. The bags are what keep my clubs intact and, thus, help my games run as smooth as butter. In the world of pros, there has always been some kind of a dispute between soft and hard golf travel bags.

I have been on the fence when it came to this discussion, as both competitors have pros and cons. With this said, some time ago, a new challenger arose and I have finally found the best golf travel bag for my tastes. In this article I will give you some reasons why a hybrid travel bag may be the best way to go.

1. It offers both protection and flexibility

Hard case bags were famed for their durability and that they were the best at protecting your precious clubs. With this said, soft bags had the benefit of being flexible and they could be folded, so they wouldn’t occupy too much space in your home. Well, believe it or not, the hybrid bags get both of these points covered.

Take, for example, the Bag Boy T10: the top of the bag is hard, so it offers better protection for your clubs, but the bottom is soft, so it offers flexibility and storage space. After you are done with your games and put the clubs away (which rarely happens for me), just fold the bottom part and pack it inside the hard top. There you have it, a knee-high hard case bag that can be easily stored away.The Best Kind Of Golf Travel Bag

 2. They have a big carrying capacity

One argument the soft golf travel bags had in favor for them was that, even though they sacrificed some protection, they compensated in carrying capacity. They had multiple pockets, and they could be expanded.

All these arguments are true, but they also hold true for the hybrid golf bags, which also give you the much-desired durability. They offer plenty of carrying capacity and multiple side pockets, so you will never have to worry ever again that you have to leave anything behind at home because it wouldn’t fit in your bag.


The Best Kind Of Golf Travel Bag

3. They are made out of top quality materials

Most hybrid bags are made out of water-resistant materials and offer great padding to absorb shock. Some of you may wonder “what’s the use of padding when it already has a hard case?” Well, I had that question at the start of my golfing career, and because I decided to save some money on my purchase, let’s just say I didn’t like that I found out the answer. Padding and water resistant materials can make a huge difference, as they can tremendously extend the lifetime of your clubs.

Without them, if your bag gets wet or it tilts over by accident and falls on its side, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find that a club or two have rusted or snapped. To prevent your golf clubs from getting damaged, I also recommend that player use a stiff arm club protector. Even though the bag has a crush resistant top, it is still worth to take an extra precaution and ensure that the clubs will never break, no matter the impact.

4. You can move easily with them

Most of the hybrid travel bags have both straps and wheels with handles. This means that if you want to carry it by hand, strap it on your back or drag it by its wheels, all of these options are available to you, depending on what the situation calls for. Usually, for soft and hard cases you didn’t have this leisure of choice, as most of them came in one way or the other.


hybrid golf travel bagIn the end, I would light to emphasize that this is just a personal opinion. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes by making these claims. I just personally think that this kind of golf travel bag is the best kind out there, and if players haven’t tried using one yet, I highly recommend they give it a chance.



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Sean Petersen is an avid golfer who has opened his own company in order to give golfers experiences tailored to their needs and preferences. With hundreds of options, which keep on growing, Golf Trip Junkie is surely going to give you the best golfing experience of your life.

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