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The Gift of Travel for Your Loved One

The Gift of Travel for Your Loved One

Holiday Gift Givers,

gift cardLooking for the perfect gift that your friends or loved ones will be excited about? Something that will:

  • Help a person grow, See new perspectives, Refresh their mind, Taste new foods, Meet new people, Try New Things,…

We have your solution here. Rentluggage is proud to announce our NEW Gift Cards. Knock out your holiday, birthday, anniversary shopping in a few clicks with our new Gift Cards.

With more than 50 Rental Items available across a wide level of activities and available anywhere in the Continental United States, Rentluggage can make that dream of an afternoon on the beach or a stay in the mountains a reality for your family or friends.They come in a host of dollar amounts to fit any holiday gift budget.

Don’t be like everyone else and give the same gift. Try something new today with our gift card options. 

The Best Part:

There are no fees, blackout periods or expiration dates. This means recipients can put their funds toward travel now or save them for the future.

Give the gift of a destination this season. You’ll never have to worry if it’s the right size or color, and we’ll be no one will ask to return it!!! 

Use the Promo Code

RENTNOW to get 10% any gift card purchase this Holiday Season. 

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