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Thule Sidekick Security Features

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Thule Sidekick Security Features

How to make sure your items are locked up in a Thule Sidekick

Going on a long road trip and wanting to make sure your items are as secure as possible? You aren’t alone in this concern. Security is a top concern for many drivers who use rooftop carriers, as these accessories can be attractive targets for thieves. Fortunately, the Thule Sidekick rooftop carrier comes with a number of built-in security features to help protect your gear and give you peace of mind while on the road or parked.

Below is a quick explanation on the top security features of this rooftop carrier. 

  1. One of the most important security features of the Thule Sidekick is its locking mechanism. The carrier comes with a locking system that allows you to secure the carrier to your vehicle’s roof rack, and to lock the carrier itself so that it can’t be opened without the key. This helps to deter theft, as potential thieves won’t be able to simply lift the carrier off your roof or access its contents without the key.

attach thule sidekick

2. In addition to the locking mechanism, the Thule Sidekick also features reinforced lid and base to provide additional protection against theft. These reinforced areas are designed to make it more difficult for thieves to pry open the carrier, and can help to prevent damage to your gear if someone does attempt to break in.

3. Another key security feature of the Thule Sidekick is its compatibility with Thule’s One-Key System. This system allows you to use a single key to lock all of your Thule products, including the Sidekick carrier, as well as other Thule accessories like bike racks or ski carriers. This can be a convenient and secure way to ensure that all of your gear is protected with minimal thule sidekick carrier

4. Next, the Thule Sidekick features a sleek, low-profile design that can help to reduce the risk of theft by making it less obvious that you are carrying valuables on your roof. This can be especially important if you are parking in a busy or high-crime area, as a less visible carrier can help to deter potential thieves.

5. Two sided key. Thule makes their applicable keys two sided which means it is very hard to create a duplicate key. 

Word to the Wise: Of course, no security feature can guarantee that your gear will be completely safe from theft or damage. However, the Thule Sidekick’s combination of locking mechanisms, reinforced areas, and compatibility with the One-Key System can provide a solid level of protection and peace of mind for drivers who need to transport valuable or fragile items on their roof. Whether you are heading out on a long road trip or just need to transport some gear to your next outdoor adventure, the Thule Sidekick rooftop carrier can help keep your gear secure and protected.

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