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thule ski rack 92726 vs 92725 vs 92724 comparisons

thule ski rack 92726 vs 92725 vs 92724 comparisons

We get asked this Thule ski rack question a lot. At first glance to a unrefined rack novice eye, you may be thinking, I can’t see or the tell the difference between these Thule Ski Rack model options below. Which one is the better option for my budget and car? Who knows these answers. 

You have searched for the best answer.

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Above are photos of the 92724, 92725 and 92726 thule ski rack models. You probably just looked at them and said, I still don’t see any difference. Ok, here is a cheat sheet. 

Price: The 92724 is the cheapest option of the three running roughly retail $100 in difference between it and the 92726.  The 92725 is the middle option. 

Capacity: The 92724 is the smallest of the three options and can only hold up to four pairs of skis and two snowboards. The 92725 and 92726 are larger and can hold up to six pairs of skis and four snowboards. This capacity difference is created in the length of the racks themselves with the 92725 ad 92726 longer in dimension than the 92724. 

Extension Option. The 92726 has a extension piece built into it as seen above third photo that allows you to slide the ski rack out to make putting skis onto your car’s roof easier. The 92724 and 92725 don’t have such options. This extension option is why the 92726 is priced and viewed as the top end option. 

Attaching to Your Roof Rack: All three attach to your roof rack in the same matter so you aren’t gaining any benefits between the three options. 

Color: All three models come in the same colors. 

Rack Shape: All three models have the same basic shapes. 

Locking systems: All systems do come with locks and keys so you don’t have to worry about this feature.

We rent and sell all of these Thule ski rack options described above. Let us help you make the perfect buying or renting decision today for your upcoming ski trip.

Send us an email if you still have questions.

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