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Thule Snowcat Ski Rack Fit Guide

thule snowcat

Thule Snowcat 5401 Fit Guide

Trying to determine if the Thule Snowcat ski rack is right for your car’s roof? Aka is this compatible with my car?

Here is an unofficial guide to help in your search. We are a big fan of this unique ski rack system and think it is a great way to save time and money compared to having to buy a separate cross rail system.  This Thule Snowcat is one of the only ski racks on the market that works on a side rail systems.

Many ski rack manufacturers have recently started only selling racks that work on cross rail systems with the goal you buy both a rail system and ski rack system from them.  This classic Thule Snowcat option lets you overcome this new trend. 

The Thule Snowcat ski rack lets you in the right situation only buy or rent the ski rack and not the rail system. So instead of spending close to thousand bucks, you can spend a few hundred with this Thule Snowcat option. 

Below we have created this helpful compatibility guide to make your life easier so that you can figure out up front if this Thule Snowcat will work on your car.  If you have further questions, check out the Thule Snowcat instruction manual. 

Step 1: Figure out what type of rack if any you have on your car’s roof

The Thule Snowcat ski rack will only work on cars with side rails or cross rails that are similar to the side rail photo above where spacing exists between rail and the roof itself. See photo below. 

If your cross rails or side rail are flush against your roof with no opening to slide a clip between the rail and roof, your cross or side rail system won’t work with the Thule Snowcat. 

thule snowcat; thule snowcat 5401 compatibility

Step 2: Figure out the width of the car rails themselves.

The Thule Snowcat ski rack can’t fit all types of roof rail systems.

The maximum side rail dimensions the Thule Snowcat clips work on rails sizes 1.5 inches to 4 inches.  see photo below. 

thule snowcat ski rack review

Step 3: Figure out the dimensions of your car’s roof.

The Thule Snowcat dimensions rail are as follows. You need a rail system that is in between these ranges or it won’t work on your car.

  • Minimum distance between side rails center to center: 38″
  • Maximum distance between side rails center to center: 48″

Step 4: Figure out how many skis or snowboards you want to store while driving to and from the mountain.

The Thule Snowcat can fit up to 6 pair of skis or 4 snowboards.

Want to buy this item? Check out our buy option here. 

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