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Time Saving Travel Tips: Electronic Devices Powered and Connected

Electronic Devices Travel Tips

Time Saving Electronic Devices Travel Tips

Time Saving Electronic Devices Travel Tips: How to Keep Electronic Devices Powered and Connected While Travelling International

Besides saving you money, Rent Luggage also strives to save you time and energy when traveling. Below are quick electronic devices travel tips to keep your travel navigating devices up and running as you create memories during your next global adventure.

Picture this…you are about to land in a foreign country and your cell phone has no battery left and no phone coverage What do you do? How will you navigate this strange land, new people and local culture? Read on to learn more about how to solve this travel problem ahead of time and on the go.

Option 1: Get a Local Sim Card.

Order the SIM card you will need before you set off and have them delivered at your destination. What is a SIM card? Simply put a SIM card is your unique identifier, allowing you to store some information such as phone numbers and ensuring your phone number routes correctly to your phone. Switching to a local SIM card allows you to utilize local networks which in turn save your cell phone’s battery life as you are not utilizing extensive cell phone computing power. Local SIMs card generally run from $20 to $40.

Option 2: Sign Up for an International Plan.

Don’t want to bother with a local SIM card as you will be hitting up many different countries during your next big adventure? Call your wireless service provider ahead of time to learn about obtaining an international service plan. Such international plans can help save battery power and keep you connected when your phone doesn’t have to roam looking for coverage in foreign lands. For instance, you can get Travelpass from Verizon for mobile coverage and phone data per day for roughly $10 per day.

Option 3: Utilize Local WIFI Whenever Possible.

Once you have arrived at your destination, take advantage of public free WIFI whenever possible. Utilizing local public WIFI lowers your cell phone battery composition as your phone doesn’t have to hunt for phone coverage. As a side note, consider a VPN whenever using public wifi to avoid any potential security issues and to maintain your privacy while online. (Here’s how to utilize a VPN when traveling)

Option 4: Obtain a Cell Phone Power Bank

For only a few bucks, obtain a cell phone power bank that allows you to charge up your phone while not connected to a power outlet. Cell phone banks are a fun travel companion when traveling as you may not know where an available outlet will be when you need it. While your phone is a smart device, without a cell phone power bank, your phone hasn’t figure out a way to charge with an outlet without a secure physical setting.

Option 5: Purchase a Universal Power Adapter

Nowadays you can purchase travel adapters that have a variety of plug adapters built into one device. Utilizing such a helpful tool allows you have the right connection anywhere you travel in the world when you have the time to charge. Check out InvertPro.

Overall, staying powered and connected when travelling can be a challenge, but with these little tips and a bit of extra planning it’s possible to make sure that your devices are powered and ready when you need to use them.

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