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Time Saving Travel Tip: How to Best Utilize Ride Shares.

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Time Saving Travel Tip: How to Best Utilize Ride Sharing Services

Time Saving Travel Tips

Besides saving you money renting travel gear, Rent Luggage also strives to help you in other ways. Below are quick unique travel tips to successfully utilize ride shares on your next adventure.  

Tip 1: Check the ride sharing car’s license plate before entering

When getting into your ride sharing car, make sure to compare the license plate on your app with the vehicle in front of you. It is a quick way to guarantee you are in the correct ride sharing car.

Tip 2: Enter Your Starting Destination Address as your first point of action in the app

When requesting a ride share take the extra few minutes to actually enter your starting destination. The default GPS location while helpful can sometimes pick a location that is not actually close to where you are standing, this situation is especially true when in large cities.

Tip 3: Be Friendly

Take a few minutes to be friendly to your ride sharing driver. It doesn’t cost you anything and can go a long way to getting great ride sharing service. On the Uber app, you are actually provided bio info about your driver and they list in certain situations topics the drivers enjoy talking about. During a recent visit to St. Louis, I saw my driver was a high school math teacher, who enjoyed talking about math. My brief math question led to a fun destination discussion about the St. Louis Chest Hall of Fame.

Tip 4: Ask for a travel tip

If your discussion with the driver is going well and you are out of town, ask them for a fun destination location. Most drivers are glad to help as they want a good tip. 

Tip 5: The Pool Option

Try the ride sharing pool option if you are in a city that allows it. Besides being cheaper than a regular ride sharing option, this option can allow you to interact with locals that may have a few free travel tips you aren’t in a blog or book. San Fran is a great city to attempt this tip if possible. We utilize this strategy to find an off the beat restaurant one night during our recent visit. 

Tip 6: Keep Car Door Open When Exiting the Vehicle

When you arrive at your destination, don’t shut the door of your car until you have confirmed all your belongings are out of the car. The driver generally won’t move with a car door open. The car door trick is a polite way to get a few extra moments to confirm you have your applicable belongs and gain your proverbial bearings as well. Many times, the car sharing drivers aren’t that familiar with your end destination as well and you may have to double check they are dropping you off at the correct entrance.

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