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Time Saving Travel Tips learned from the Ghosts of bad travel experiences

10 Time Saving Travel Tips To Increase Your Fun and Save You Time and Energy

Time Saving Travel Tips learned from the Ghosts of bad travel experiences

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Remember that terrible travel experience where you had to:

– wait endlessly to get a dinner table,

– hang out for hours in your hotel room until it stopped raining,

– stand in a long line to buy theme park tickets?  

To help solve these nightmare situations, we have put together our top ten list of time saving travel tips to consider when trying to experience an awesome new city.

The goal of these time saving travel tips is to help you save money and find the best spots with the shortest wait times and crowds.

Following this travel path should lead to a better more enjoyable travel experience. 

1. Avoid the Rush  

Before picking a new city, do a little research on what annual events may be occurring in your potential travel city. A little research can save you significant headaches during your travel.

A free place to check out potential relevant annual events is the local newspaper and articles dated the previous year of the week(s) you are looking to travel.

For instance, if you are looking to ski over President’s Day weekend in Colorado read up on where big crowds were and be prepared to face longer lines and more traffic if you intend to go to these areas. 

2. Dinner Reservations time saving travel tips

If you are looking for a trendy upscale restaurant in a new city either book at least a week ahead or be prepared to eat at odd times. Without such strategy you will spend your evening waiting endlessly for a table or eating at odd times.

One good way to find a table in advance is to actually call the relevant restaurant.

Most restaurants will only put a limited number of their tables on such apps as Open Table because the restaurant has to pay booking fees when you book through the app.

Restaurant hold tables back for phone calls to save some extra cash. 

3Tickets for Activities

Looking to check out a zoo, show or concert in a new city? Don’t be that guy who thinks buying them when you get there is a good idea.

Look online before you go. Buy your tickets online and skip the long lines at the relevant event where ill-prepared people wait and waste their precious trip time. Most parks and other public spaces allow you to purchase ahead of time. 

4. Hotel/Lodging costs.

Spend some time researching where you want to stay in a city. While certain hotels may be more expensive in particular locations, if you believe you are going to spend a lot of time in that area the extra cost may be worth it.

For instance, factor in transportation costs such as cabs, overnight parking and buses in your calculation. These extra costs are what make that nicer hotel in a better area of town potentially the better option.  

5. Using Uber.  

If you are in new city, check out Uber, the online app that lets you order a ride from your phone. We find it easy to use especially if they have Uber Pool.uberpool; budget travel tips

If you aren’t familiar with Uber Pool option within Uber, it is an Uber option in certain US cities where Uber will automatically split your fee by picking
up other passengers along your route.  

It only adds a few minutes to your trip as Uber is only having the driver stop to pick up people along your route.

It may sound somewhat weird at first but it is a cool way to see parts of a city you may not have thought about.

Also, the app gives you a chance in a low stress env’t to talk to locals or other travelers about cool places and things to check out. Word of mouth is a fun way to adventure.  

6. Rental Cars- By Pass the Counter.

If you plan on renting car, sign up for National’s Emerald Club before you rent. Spending the extra 10 minutes to sign up for this free club allows you to walk up to their car lot and get into the relevant rental car you signed up for and go. 

No longer do you have to wait in a long line waiting endlessly as the sales person tries to sell you on insurance and renting a GPS system. This tip is a HUGE time saver. This time saving travel tips can save your hours. 

Whoever at National thought of this idea should be given a large bonus. This program makes them the best rental car option in my book. 

7. Airport Location 

Think you have found a low cost fare on airfare? Double check the location of the relevant airport.  

time saving travel tipsAirlines and booking site sometimes do not do a great job highlighting the relevant airport you may be signing up for. This airport could be located on the outskirts of the relevant city.

If you haven’t factored that extra distance in, your potential cost savings could erode away once transportation costs are factored in.  

For instance, we made this critical error when traveling out of San Francisco and not reading closely our departing flight was out of San Jose, about an hour away from our hotel/$90 uber ride.   


8.  Consider the Weather.

This budget travel tip may sound obvious but look at weather trends before booking your trip.

Historical records like the Farmer’s Almanac can help predict if you are potentially signing up for travel delays and hotel boredom with rainy, snowy or icy weather.  Can be a huge time saving travel tip.

9.  Rent Luggage.

Don’t forget about us, we have tons of fun options to save you, time, money and energy. Keep the memories and not the luggage. 

10.  You Decide.

We are always looking for time saving travel tips from you. Feel free to message us and we can help spread the good travel word. 

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