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Five Golf Vacation Tips To Increase Your Fun and Save You Time and Energy

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Five Golf Vacation Tips To Increase Your Fun and Save You Time and Energy

Time Saving Golf Vacation Tips learned from the Ghosts of bad golf travel experiences

golf vacation tips


Remember that terrible golf travel experience where you had to:

– use a rental set of golf clubs because your clubs broke during travel,

– hang out for hours in your hotel room until it stopped raining,

– waited endlessly on an overbooked golf course?  

To help solve these rough golf travel adventures, we have created our top ten list of time saving golf vacation travel tips to consider when trying to experience an enjoyable golfing trip.

The goal of these time saving golf vacation travel tips is to help you save $$$ and find the best courses with the shortest wait times and crowds.

1. Avoid Slow Golf 

Before picking a new golfing destination, do a little googling on what annual events may be occurring at or around your golf destination.

A little due diligence can save you long wait times on the golf course.

A free place to check out potential relevant annual events is the local newspaper and articles dated the previous year of the week(s) you are looking to golf. 

For instance, if you are looking to golf in Florida or Arizona in March around MLB spring training stadiums you could be signing up for crowded golf courses.

We have made this strategic planning mistake before. Please learn from our mistake. 

2. Group Dinner Reservations time saving travel tips

If you are looking for a nice restaurant around your golfing location for a large group, call ahead to confirm.

If not, you are asking to wait endlessly as the restaurant scrambles to find relevant space for your group or sits your group in an odd table arrangement. 

3. Rental Cars- By Pass the Counter.

If you plan on renting car, sign up for National’s Emerald Club before you car rent.

Spending the extra ten minutes to sign up for this free club allows you to walk up to their car lot and get into the relevant rental car you signed up for and go. golf vacation tips

No longer do you have to wait in a long line waiting endlessly as the sales person tries to sell you on insurance and renting a GPS system. This tip is a HUGE time saver. This time saving travel tips can save you hours. 

Also very helpful when traveling with several sets of golf clubs.  

4.  Consider the Golfing Weather Before Hand.

This golf vacation tip may sound obvious but look at weather trends before booking your golf trip. Several years back we made this travel mistake when traveling to Alabama in July to play some golf.

We signed up for the trip because golfing rates were so low. We didn’t understand they were so low because on average it is 95 degrees in July. This oversight led to three uncomfortable rounds of golf that we didn’t enjoy.  

A good way to remedy is historical weather records like the Farmer’s Almanac. Such references can help predict if you are potentially signing up for weather delays and hotel boredom with rainy weather. 

5.  Rent a Golf Travel Bag. bag boy golf bag travel, golf vacation tips

Don’t forget about us, we have tons of fun golf travel bag options to save you, time, money and energy. Keep the memories and not the golf travel bag. Our bags are hand-selected to help protect your clubs when traveling so you don’t end up with broken clubs at your destination.

You Advise.

We are always looking for golf vacation tips from fellow golfers. Feel free to send us a message. We can help spread the good golf travel word to others. 

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