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Travel Tips: How to Prevent Lost Items When Traveling.

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Travel Tips: How to Prevent Lost Items When Traveling.

Like to travel? Enjoy escaping from the day to day grind? Us too. Though one of the few travel drawbacks is unpacking at home and realizing you have left something important behind. Here are five travel tips to prevent this tragic situation from happening to you. Like always our goal with this article and all our services is to save you time, money and energy. 

Travel Tip 1: Develop a packing system for items within your luggage.

Standard luggage organization is a must as it allows your to quickly check when traveling. Organization allows you to quickly check if you have all your necessary items as you travel. Without a system, the chances increase you won’t realize you have forgot something until you are back. We recommend the following packing system:travel tip

  1. Items you anticipating wearing several times on the top of the luggage.
  2. Items that you may only wear once at the bottom of the luggage.
  3. Small items put into an inside zip pouch so they won’t move around.
  4. Separate out dirty and clean clothes so you know better where items stand.

Travel Tip 2: Develop a system for storing valuable items in a hotel room.

When traveling, your mind is running many different tasks.  Creating a system to allow your mind to focus on other tasks will prevent lost items.  For instance, try always storing cell phones, wallets, and keys on the left side of the bed furthest from the door. This strategy will allow you to rely on location over memory to track your item. Also, keeping valuable items far away from a door will better prevent a random person quickly accessing your hotel room and walking off with your valuable stuff. hotel travel tip

Travel Tip 3: Don’t put items in spaces that are covered up such as closets and dressers.

Storing items out of visual sight may at first sound like a great idea but when you are leaving you are opening up the possibility that you will forget to check a closet or dresser on your way out.  Out of sight, out of mind is the best way to describe this situation.

Travel Tip 4: Always check the shower on your way out.

Too many times you don’t pack up your shower items or cosmetic items because they are the last items you use before you leave the place. A quick review of the bathroom before you walk out can save you heart break later. travel advice

Travel Tip 5: Put ALL Shoes You Travel With On A Chair in the Hotel Room. 

It may sound odd but shoes when on the floor create a greater chance something like pillows or sheets will cover them up. When you place shoes on chairs and not the floor you better prevent your visual from overlooking them as you scan the room. 

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