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Travel Tips for Backpacking Europe this Summer-Part II


Continuing the backpacking tips for your summer plans. Check out Cameron Richardson’s recent article on National Student website here on some great travel tips she has on backpacking Europe. One can never have too many backpacking travel tips. 

Our favorite tip and one we live by is prepare and research for your trip as much as possible before hand. A well planned trip while it takes more time up front is worth it in the end.  Our luggage rental services are a great example of a well planned concept.  

We also agree with all of her travel tips except her tip on looking at REI or Osprey for a backpack. We think is a much better travel option. Check out our rental backpacks here. We are better than REI because unlike REI customers, our customers don’t have to pay lots of money for a backpack they may never use again. Our customers also don’t get stuck with a backpack that will probably end up sitting in a closet for many months out of the year. REI can practically guarantee their customers both of these options with their services.  




 PS- Cameron we never knew the Post Office was a great place to exchange money. A solid tip that I am sure saves many travelers money. 


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