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Travel Tips: Unique Ways We Save You Time

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Travel Tips: Unique Ways We Save You Time

Why and How We Can Help You

Trying to figure out if our company and its services are right for your up coming travel adventure? Trying to figure our if our services are worth it?

We have spent countless hours planning and brainstorming on ways to make your travel experience with us the best it can be. Besides saving you money, we also work hard to save you time so that you can spend your days enjoying your vacation and not dealing with our rental items.

Check out our quick list of unique ways our company saves you time during your travel experience with our company.  We want to be your travel partner as you take on new life adventures and create family memories. Let us help you today.  

  1. Fedex Pick– For only $10 bucks, we can have Fedex come to your house to pick up your rental when your rental period is up. 
  2. Rental Extension– We are glad to extend any rental period by simply emailing us at
  3. Prepaid printed return label– Every rental order comes with a printed prepaid return label. Simply attach to the packed box when you are ready to return the item
  4. Rent To Buy– All rental items are eligible for you to purchase based on a unique price. Drop us a line if you have more questions or want to keep the item
  5. Reuse the Shipping Box– To make returning the rental item easier, you are requested to return the rental item in the original box the item shipped to you in. 
  6. Travel Research–  We are glad to research the top destinations for you to visit with any rental order. To enjoy this rental feature, send us a note on your travel destination, and we will email you back a handful of recommendations we think you will enjoy. 

Thanks for taking time to learn more about our services and how we can help. We look forward to earning your business in the future. 

Have an idea or improvement we haven’t listed above? Drop us a line, we are always open to new ways to make our services better. 

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