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How to find the Best Triathlon for You

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TRIATHLON TRAVEL TIPS: How to find the Best Triathlon for You

 Triathlon Selection Tips (3 minute read)

Trying to figure out what triathlon you should attempt?  Besides trying to find the courage to decide if you should attempt a triathlon, you should also think long and hard about what options are the best for you so that you select the best one for your skill set, geographic location and stress level.  Not every triathlon is created the same. Failure to think about these details may make your race day even harder than it has to be. 

Below is our top considerations to note when selecting which triathlon is right for you.

Triathlon Selection Tip 1: Think about the seasonal weather

Think long and hard about the weather conditions you may face based on the timing of the race. Weather conditions such as freezing rain or hot sun can impact your race in a big way.  If you are attempting your first triathlon, try for an event that has mild weather elements. Your second and third triathlons are where you should take on more of mother nature. person running triathlon

Triathlon Selection Tip 2: Watch the registration fees

Not races and their registration fees are created the same.  Depending on demand for race and key sponsors, the registration fees can vary significantly depending on the race you select. Spend a few minutes checking that out before you commit to the race as you may be able to accomplish your triathlon goal at a fraction of the cost. Need a site to see many different options, check out Running USA

Triathlon Selection Tip 3: Read the fine print

Review the fine print when it comes to terms and conditions associated with each race. Many times the terms and conditions associated with the race may have clauses that prevent you from dropping out of the race and seeking a refund if you cancel so many days prior to the race. The terms and conditions may also have waivers where you are unable to hold the race organizers responsible if they fail to watch out for your safety.   A few minutes noting these details can make a significant impact on race day. 

Triathlon Selection Tip 4: Think about the travel you will have to incur to the race and after the race

If you are attempting your first triathlon, think about the travel you may have to incur to get to the race itself. A local race option may be the best place to start. As you may have already realized this concept but worth repeating, running a triathlon requires an assortment of outdoor gear that can be challenging to pack and organize.  The easier it is to arrive at your destination and get set up, the easier your day of preparation will be. 

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