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Why You Should Date Us and Not UHaul Or Some Truck Rental Company

Why You Should Date Us and Not UHaul Or Some Truck Rental Company

Rent From Us and Not a UHaul Rooftop Carrier

Need to move stuff quickly, easily, and cheaply? Don’t want to head to a store or stand in line waiting to be served?

  • Like e-commerce? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place. 
  • Below is how our services work and some quick tips on when it comes to moving why Rentluggage and NOT a UHaul rooftop carrier is the NEW way to go. 



Select one of our rental carriers from our collection. Our Rental Catalog.

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Once you’ve selected your items, book it for 3 days, 1, 2, 3, or 4 week period.

About Shipping


Once ordered, we ship the rental bag straight to your door step. Time to put your carrier to work for you..

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Once your rental period is up, just drop your rental off in the original shipping box at a FedEx location using our pre-paid shipping label on the box to receive free shipping. No need to head to a U-haul store


Benefits of Our Helpful Carrier Services Compared to UHaul:

  • Unlike a UHaul rooftop carrier, our bags are only rentals and won’t sit in your closet for years after you use them.
  • Unlike a U-haul truck, you get to drive your own car with our carriers.
  • We won’t yell at you or charge lots of money if you forget to fill up the gas tank like some truck rental companies.
  • No need to rent an expensive truck that is dirty, old and tough to navigate. 
  • Only pay a fraction to rent compared to an expensive rental truck or a brand new rooftop carrier.
  • Use that new closet for your spouse’s clothes and not luggage such as rooftop bags.
  • Don’t waste precious car space when you can store items on your roof.

Moving Help Options We Offer:

  • Give us a try today. We are excited about the chance to make your life easier and less stressful.

What Type of Carrier is Right for My Car?Renting a Car Carrier

Who Can Use Our Services:

  • Carousel_students_lawn2.ashxAnyone in the Continental United States.
  • College students or college student parents get our rooftop cargo bags delivered to the dorm room today for your trip home for break.
  • Simply sent our rentals back from your parents’ house or new apartment by dropping it off at the closest FedEx store. Either rental return option works.


What Other Rack Rentals do you offer? 

  • We currently offer these other racks rental: ski racks and bike racks for either naked roof or side/cross rails options.
  • We have the best brands to choose from like Thule, Yakima, SeaSucker and more.
  • Only pay a fraction to rent these racks compared to having to buy a bike or ski rack that you only might use once or twice a year. 

Rent from and Return from Anywhere in the Continental United States

It simply means us shipping one of our rooftop carriers rentals to your starting destination and you sending it back from a completely different location in a different part of the United States at the end of your travel. No extra charges to accomplish this time and money saving task unlike UHaul.

Learn more about this timing saving trick. 

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