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what are the weight limits for rooftop carriers?

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what are the weight limits for rooftop carriers?

Rooftop Carrier Weight Limit Insights

Looking for more information about how to attach rooftop carrier to your car safety and securely? Trying to figure out how much stuff you can store safety in the rooftop carrier? You have googled hopefully a helpful tips page.

Below is a road trip travel tip you may not read in other places that we think can save you time and money.

Pro Travel Tip: First, make sure you read the weight limits associated with the rooftop carrier you are installing on your car. Failure to follow this instruction can cause the carrier to open or break during your use. Every roof carrier manufacture has unique weight limits based on the particular mode. A one size fits all approach doesn’t exist. 

In addition to the weight limits that exist on rooftop carriers that you should review prior to attaching your carrier and found in the instruction manuals associated with the rooftop carriers, you should also be looking at your car’s roof restrictions around rooftop weight.

Every car manufacturer has unique roof weight restrictions and guidance how much can go on top of your roof especially if you have a sunroof or a moon roof.  I repeat, each car manufacturer has their own guidance.

We recommend that you are not only researching what are rooftop carrier limitations are for weight when putting items in the bag,  but also looking at what your car says around these topics because every car is different and may have additional information besides what the rooftop manufacturer states on weight limitations.

Failure to follow the rooftop carrier’s advice and your car manufacturer’s advice could lead to troubles for you during your road trip adventure.

This advice above also applies for bicycle racks and ski racks. 

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