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Why Our Car Carriers Are a Better Value Than a UHaul Truck

Why Our Car Carriers Are a Better Value

Than a UHaul Truck


They say INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again thinking you will get different results.

INSANITY  can come in many different forms and in ways you don’t even realize.  Today, we have set out to show you an insanity practice in your life you have over looked time and time again.

This everyday overlooked insanity practice is renting a UHaul Truck for you next move. Why are you continuing to rent a truck in this old fashion way with all the headaches that go with it? THINK DIFFERENT.  Rent a car carrier from us and not a UHaul Truck. We are a fraction of the cost and twice as easily to use. 

Below, we have come up a with brief chart to explain why you can try us, something new and exciting to break out of this INSANITY mindset. We believe our strategy will lead to a better and happier result.


RentLuggage Carrier

UHaul Truck

$$$$  $34.99 for a 3 day rental  $60 for a 3 day rental
Ease of Picking Up and Dropping Off No need to drive anywhere.  Our carriers are delivered to your doorstep.  When finished drop off at your closest Fedex store with our pre-paid labels included with every order.  Estimated time to accomplish renting: Under 5 minutes. You have to find, drive and then wait in line to rent out a truck.  When finished you have to gas it up, drive it back and wait in line to return it.  Estimated time to accomplish renting: Hours on end.
Customer Service All of our customer service agents actually work for Rentluggage and are knowledgeable about the services and products we offer. UHaul  contracts out much of their customer service to gas station attendants to handle their rentals.
Usage Restrictions None, you can drive with our rooftop carrier as long as you like.  Our car carriers love a great journey. Many, UHaul limits the amount of miles you can drive with their trucks unless you want to pay additional fees and penalties.
Product Usage With our services, once you install the car carrier, you get to drive in the comforts of your own car. With a UHaul truck, you are stuck driving a vehicle you have never operated before with blind spots everywhere.
Availability We can tell you immediately if our rooftop carriers are available during the period you need it and guarantee the carrier will be on your doorstep the day you requested it or your money back. UHaul gladly takes reservations but many times will inform you last minute your reservation can’t be met or needs to be modified to fix their scheduling errors.




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