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Why Rent from Us?

Who We Are

We are an e-commerce travel gear shop set up to allow you to rent travel gear to explore the world for a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. Since our founding in 2012, we have helped countless travelers across the United States save time, money and energy with our rentals. Let us help you today experience new adventure, good food and new friends in a place you dreamed about going. 

Our Mission

Our founding mission is to save regular people like you time, money, and headaches so you can have longer vacations, better memories and more friends. Our rentals are hand-selected with this purpose as our guide.  Lastly, we believe travel like fresh air, clean water and healthy food are requirements that every person needs to experience in their life.  We hope with cheaper travel gear, we can help people accomplish such key life requirements.  

A Few Of The Many Reasons You Should Rent From Us:

  • We Save You Money – Rent for a fraction of the cost compared to buying new travel items. Run the math, the financial savings will surprise you. Use that rental savings for more fun life changing experiences not items to store in your basement or garage.  Be the hero on the next family vacation with our rental savings strategy. 
  • We Save You Space – Order online and let us ship your needed travel tools on demand. We have a wide assortment of hand selected travel gear to make owning travel gear a thing of the past. No need to store items you only use once a year. Your basement or garage will thank us the next time spring cleaning rolls around. 
  • We Save You Time – Shop online and let your travel goods ship to you. No need to spend endless hours traveling to crowded retail stores fighting long lines and unfriendly customer service folks anymore. Use this extra time saved for more interesting and relaxing adventure in your life.


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  • Try Before You Buy – Unlike traditional retail, Test out our Rentals with No Risk of getting stuck with an item you don’t like. If you do like it, great, we are glad to let you buy it at a great price.
  • We Help Others. When you rent a backpack from us, through our Share and Save Program we make a charitable donation to local charities to purchase backpacks filled with school supplies for children in the United States.
  • Moving Help –  Use our rooftop cargo bags to move all those small personal items such as clothes, books, and teddy bears to your new house or apartment. Simply mail back the rooftop carrier when your move is complete on us with our pre-paid fedex shipping labels. We are great money saving solution for cross country moves. Give us a try today!