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Why We are Better than a Budget Car Carrier or Truck

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Why We are Better than a Budget Car Carrier or Truck

Why We Are Better

Than a Budget Car Carrier or Truck

Eight Ways We are Better than Budget:

  1. We are a fraction of the $$$ compared to renting an expensive Budget truck for a weekend or buying a brand new Budget Car Carrier.
  2. You get to drive your own car with our car carrier rentals.
  3. No need to rent an expensive truck that is dirty, old and tough to navigate.
  4. One less phone call to an unfriendly customer service representative.
  5. No need to purchase a Budget car carrier for a single event.
  6. No need to wait in line to check in or out a rooftop carrier.
  7. Place an order anytime of day, we are always here to help. We don’t have limited store hours.
  8. Our car carriers can ship to any address in the Continental United States.

How We Work: 

  • Use our rooftop carriers to move all those personal items such as: clothes, books, and teddy bears in your regular car.
  • Our bags attach to almost any type of car.
  • We offer a variety of rental periods to meet your needs: 3 Days, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, and 3 Weeks.
  • Simply mail back our rental rooftop carrier when your move is complete with our prepaid shipping labels.
  • One of the great things about us is our rooftop carrier are mailable from anywhere in the Continental United States. For instance, receive the rooftop carrier in New York and send it back from California.

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Who Can Use Our Services:

  • Anyone considering purchasing a Budget car carrier or renting a Budget Truck. Save your hard earned money and rent with us.
  • College Students get our rooftop cargo bags delivered to the dorm room today for your trip home from Winter, Fall, Summer break.
  • Simply sent our rentals back from your parents’ house or new apartment by dropping it off at the closest FedEx store. Either rental return option works.
  • Give us a try today. We are excited about the chance to make your life easier and less stressful.

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