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Largest Roof Rack

Largest Roof Rack

Largest Roof Rack

1) Which roof rack is the largest? We are hoping to rent one for a week for a large SUV and would need the largest possible.

2) Either a Nissan Pathfinder or Chevy Suburban.

Will that work?

3) Can I reserve one now for a trip in February?

Of the trip is from Thursday to Tuesday, should I be safe renting it for 1 week?

1 Response

  1. 1) Our largest bag is Rightline sport 3.

    1) Here is link to the bag. /shop/rightline-rooftop-carrier-rental/

    2) Yes, the rightline 3 will work on both options.

    3) Absolutely, we take reservations several months out. Booking now guarantees we have one in stock for your relevant rental period. We won’t ship the rental out until your requested delivery date approaches.
    Here is a link to the product to complete the order. /shop/rightline-rooftop-carrier-rental/