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Yakima Ridgeback hitch bike rack vs Yakima Halfback bike trunk rack

Yakima RidgeBack 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack 8002458

Yakima Ridgeback hitch bike rack vs Yakima Halfback bike trunk rack

Yakima Ridgeback Hitch Bike Rack vs Yakima Halfback Trunk Bicycle Rack

Trying to understand what the difference between a hitch and trunk bike rack is? You have googled the right page. We at Rentluggage receive this bike rack email question all the time. Below is a quick answer to help in your google search for the best bike rack for your upcoming adventure.  Still have questions? Send us a note, we love talking Yakima bike racks with our customers.

Yakima Difference #1:

The main difference between the Yakima Ridgeback hitch bike rack and the Yakima HalfBack bike trunk rack is the manner in which they attach to your car.

The Yakima Ridgeback is designed to attach to a hitch attached to your car’s bumper. The Yakima halfback is designed to attach to your car’s trunk. This key difference is important as not ever car has a hitch associated with. Many times you have to purchase the hitch accessory separately to properly attach a Ridgeback.

Yakima Difference #2:

Another key difference between these two models are their weight. The Ridgeback is significantly heavier than the Halfback making it more challenging to remove from your car.

Yakima Difference #3:

The amount of bikes that can attach to each model is different. The Ridgeback largest option allows you to attach up to four bikes compared to the Halfback largest model which only goes up to three bikes that it can secure to your car. Thus, if you are looking to move a family of bikes, the Ridgeback may be the better option.

Yakima Difference #4:

The Halfback lastly doesn’t have locks associated with it compared to the Ridgeback that includes locks as a default option.

Overall, we sell both bike rack items and are glad to save you time, money and energy on both.  Both bike rack options are a great way to get out to see the world on your bike.

Yakima Difference #5: 

Note the retail pricing differences. The Ridgeback bike hitch starts at $300 retail. The Yakima Halfback trunk rack starts at $200 retail.

Yakima RidgeBack 4 Bike Hitch Mount Rack 8002458 – we take offers

Yakima HalfBack 2 Trunk Bike Rack-Holds 2 Bikes- we take offers

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