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Yakima Ski Rack Rental

Yakima Ski Rack Rental

Where to Rent Yakima Ski Rack for an Upcoming Ski Trip

Yakima FreshTrack 6 Skis Rack RentalAnswer: From Your Couch or Chair

  • Just realized you need a rack to get your skis or snowboards from point A to point B?
  • Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a Yakima ski or snowboard rack you are only going to use once or once every couple of years?
  • Looking to try something new and cutting edge that all your friends will think is cool? 

We at Rentluggage have the perfect solution that answers all of your questions and is simple and easy…

Solution: Rent Ski or Snowboard Rack from Us. We have TONS of money and time saving ski yakima rack rental options to meet your ski and snowboard needs. All of our ski rack rentals come with free return shipping so don’t worry about sending it back.  

Below are FOUR easy steps to consider when looking at our ski rack rental services. 

1. A couple of items to consider when trying to find the right rack for your Car, Skis and snowboard…

Does your car have any type of rack systems on the roof?

Does your car have any type of rack systems on the roof?

If Option One or Option Two we got your covered. Take a look at the SeaSucker Ski Rack. It’s super easy to install and works great!

If Option Three, your car has a rail system which has a cross rail system. This set up is ideal. Cross rail systems can either come with the car or you can purchase one to attach to your car. With option three take a look at our Yakima Fresh Track option.

How many sets of skis or snowboards am I planning on hauling on my trip?

Each ski or snowboard racks are made to hold only limited number of ski depending on the type and size. So make sure to plan and before deciding what type of rack you want for your vehicle.

Ski or Snowboard Racks Brand Options without a roof rack

We carry a variety of ski racks Thule, Yakima,and SeaSucker that fit on an assortment of cars. Here are our top 3 options for skis or snowboards racks for cars without roof rack. 

1. SeaSucker Ski Rack 

2. Yakima Easy Top 

Ski Rack Brands Options with a crooss bar roof rack

Here are our top 3 bag options for rooftop carriers for cars with a roof rack. 

1. Yakima FreshTrack 6 Ski or Snowboard Rack

2. Thule Flat Top Ski or Snowboard Rack

If you are interested in hard case and have cross rails check out the thule sidekick option.



yakima fatcat 6 ski and snowboard rack rental2. Head over to to browse and find a ski or snowboard rack that works for your trip and car’s needs.

Here you can select a ski rack from our rental ski rack options that meets your needs, pick the period of time you need the rental rack for and when you need it delivered by. 

3. Relax as we ship the rental to your doorstep.

Once signed up, Rent Luggage ships the pre-selected ski or snowboard rack right to your doorstep or office to attach to your car. 

4. Use and Return the Ski Rack Rental. Your closet or garage will thank you.; rent Car Bike RackUse the rental ski rack to travel to Canada or Colorado. Don’t worry about the installation either. We have chosen the best ski racks that are so easy to install on a multitude of cars or SUVs. Once the rental period is up, simply place the rental ski rack back in the original shipping box and drop it off at your closest FedEx store. provides a prepaid shipping label with each rental so you only have to place the prepaid shipping label on the box. Just drop the rental box off. No need to wait in line to purchase shipping or create your own shipping label. 

Bonus Tip

We also sell ski and snowboard racks too. We have great prices on used and new ski racks too.

Also, do you have an old ski or snowboard rack you are looking to sell? If the answer is yes, we will buy those from you too.  


Do you want our help picking out the ski rack for your upcoming trip? We are glad to help! Send us an email at and can tell you the right rack for your trip based on your needs and car size.

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