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Why $2 Gas Is Great For Your Travel Budget

Why $2 Gas Is Great For Your Travel Budget

Like many Americans, we at Rentluggage are excited to see gas fall under $2. Lower gas prices are on a hot streak of decline currently. According to AAA, the US has now set a domestic record in the past few months for most consecutive days of falling gas prices with 88 in a row. We hope this streak doesn’t stop anytime soon. 

Today, with these record level gas declines occurring we wanted to spend a few minutes explaining why we believe cheaper gas leads to travel benefits you may not have realized. We have come up with five ways cheaper gas makes your travel budget and trip better.

1. More Trips. It is simple, with cheaper gas, you can afford more road trips and vacations with friends and family.  For instance, according to AAA, cheaper gas prices are helping consumers save more than $450 million per day on gasoline.  That is a lot of dollars in your pocket to use to travel the country and the world. A few years ago, no one would have dreamed such travel savings were possible.  We all believed the price of gas could only go one way which was up.

  • Additionally, many travelers have noticed this cost savings in their travel budgets and taken action. Have you? According to AAA, an extra four percent of Americans will be traveling this holiday season. Why not you?

2. Longer Trips. At $2 a gallon, the average family can afford to travel longer and greater distances at previous travel costs.  For instance according to AAA estimates 98.6 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more for the holiday season, which is the most on record. Now you can go to a few more states north, south, east or west on the same travel budget.

3. Nicer Meals. According to US News, with the dollars saved from cheaper gas, travelers are now spending their savings at restaurants upgrading their tastes when they travel. A nice steak beats a burger any day of the week.

4. Nicer Clothes and Footwear. With an extra $450 million a day with cheaper gas prices, travelers can take some of that extra cash and upgrade on newer clothes and footwear prior to departing on that winter travel trip.

5. More Cost Savings Travel Services.  With those extra travel dollars, you can apply them to other cost saving travel services that stretch your dollar even more. For instance, rent one of our rooftop carriers for that upcoming Spring Break Trip to Florida. Or check out our ski rack rentals that allow you to  drive to your closest ski slope. With our ski rack rentals you can arrive at your ski destination with your skis. No need to rent skis.

  • Our rental services on average save traveler $100.  Thus, cheap gas can lead to savings you didn’t even know where possible.

The moral of the story is cheaper gas leads to more savings than you may have realized. Check out our rentals today to combine that gas savings you are seeing at the pump with other great travel deals.


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