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5 Common Myths about Ski Car Racks that are Completely Wrong

5 Common Myths About A Ski Car Rack that are Completely Wrong

Upcoming ski vacation?

Trying to learn more about ski car racks?

No clue where to begin? Don’t worry. Below are five myths to avoid when looking for a ski car rack.  We believe these tips will save you time, money and energy. 

Myth #1: A Ski Car Rack can only attach to car with a rail system.

Thanks to Otium Outdoor, this myth is no longer true. In the past, if you owned or rented a car, you would have needed a cross rail or side rail system demonstrated below to put a ski car rack on your car.

With the Otium outdoor travel ski car rack, traveling with your skis with a regular car that you owe or rent has never been easier.  This Otium technology allows you to attach the lightweight ski rack to your car using a strap system that runs through your car’s door frames.

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Myth #2: If You Want to haul your skis with a Rental Car it must have a rack system. 

Similar to myth 1 in that technology has changed the face of ski carriers, technology has advanced so that you can quickly and easily attach a ski carrier to your car even if you don’t have a rail system on your car top.  

With a light weight Otium ski rack, you can pack their ski rack with your skis, pull it out at the airport once you land and put your skis on the top of the car saving time, money and space.

Myth #3: Buying a Ski Carrier is your only option. 

Like the ability to rent a DVD, Rentluggage is proud to offer ski car racks that you can rent for the fraction of the cost comparing to buying new. Don’t get stuck buying a ski car rack you will only use once. Rent from us and let us save you time, money and energy with our services. We have helped countless customers all over the country use a rental to make their ski trip memorable. Keep the memories and not the ski rack on your next winter trip.  

Additionally, even if you do want to buy, rent from us to start so that you get a chance to try a ski carrier out in case you don’t like a particular model after testing it out on the open road.   We do offer the option to buy any rental that we offer. 

Myth #4: All Ski Racks are created Equal

Do not be that person who thinks all ski top carriers are the same when it comes to quality and durability. Many manufacturers exist in this area. If you think you can get by with a cheap option, you are playing with danger as you drive down a highway at high speeds.

At Rentluggage, we have hand-selected ski racks that we believe are the best in the ski industry. Further, we only continue to stock and rent those carriers that can hold up against the toughest of conditions. Let us do your quality research when you rent with us. 

Myth #5: Zero Weight Limit Exist on a Ski Car Rack.

Weight restriction do exist on your car and the carrier itself. Every ski carrier and car roof has a recommended weight limit. If you ignore such standards, you are asking for unpleasant issues as you cruise down the road.

snowboard car top carrierTake the time to read your automobile manual and the ski carrier manual about recommended weight restrictions. Please follow such restrictions to make every’s life safer.

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