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Backpacking Europe Tips


Looking for some great backpacking tips for a summer trip to Europe? Check out the San Francisco Chronicle’s backpacking money saving Tips.  Worth the read if you have a backpacking trip coming up soon or just want to learn more about traveling Europe. 

Our favorite tip and something we did a ton of when backpacking Europe was the European Walking Tours.  We especially remember our walking tour of Munich where the tour ended at the Hofbrauhaus House. Cold beer and pretzels are a great reward for a nice long walk. Plus, we learned a lot about Munich that day. 

Another great backpacking tip in the Chronicle’s article is the bike rentals options when exploring a new European city. A traveler gets exercise from exploring, and the chance to take in sights and sounds one might not see in a car or train.  At rentluggage, we like any travel idea where you rent a product to make your life easier.  Learn more about our backpack rental business and how we make your life easier. 

Also, check out out our backpack rental options. Our packs go great with the walking tours of Europe.  We hope the next time the San Francisco Chronicle writes a backpacking article, we are mentioned. Our service will definitely save you time and money for your next trip.




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