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Money Saving Travel Tips for Backpacking South America

Money Saving Travel Tips for Backpacking South America


JanSport Whittaker Expedition BackpackBackpacking South America? The best kept student travel secret is our rental backpacks. Ever think how much money you spend a camping backpack that you barely use? If you haven’t, you should. We have. 

Backpacks are expensive and can kill your student travel budget quickly and before you even leave for your trip. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on museums or drinks and not backpacks?

We Can Help

We at Rentluggage have come up with the perfect solution when you decide on your trip date for backpacking South America. Rent one of our backpacks or other equipment for your coming trip to South America. We ship right to your door. Just mail our items back when your rental period is up.

No need any longer to spend hundreds of dollars on a backpack you will probably only use once. Let us help you save time, money and energy on your next backpacking South America adventure. 

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Alps Mounteering BackpackOur rental backpacks are great for the on the go travel conditions.  

Check out our link here to get started today. Why not join the Rent Revolution occurring everywhere. Keep the memories and not the backpack on your next South American adventure. 


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