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Why We are Better than a Lowe’s Rooftop Carrier

Rent From Us, Don’t Buy a Lowe’s Rooftop Carrier

Here are five ways why our rental service is better than buying a new Lowe’s rooftop carrier.

    1. We have roof top carriers that can attach to cars with and without roof rack systems. Lowe’s only offers carriers for cars with a roof rack system on them. 
    1. Our rentals are more aerodynamic making for a smoother ride. Our rentals aren’t simply a square box shape to place on your car roof like Lowe’s options. 
    1. With our rentals you don’t have to store the roof top carrier unlike a Lowe’s rooftop carrier where you are stuck with it taking up space for the rest of your life.   
    1. You can sign up for our rentals 24/7 through our website. We work around your schedule. You aren’t restricted to regular store hours like a traditional retailer.
  1. Unlike a Lowe’s roof top carrier, if you don’t love our rental, simply return when your period is over. You aren’t stuck having to fight with customer service for a refund on a purchase with us.  If you do love our rentals, GREAT, we are also glad to sell you one as well. 

How Does RentLuggage Work:


Select one of our rental carriers from our collection. Our Rental Catalog.

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Once you’ve selected your items, book it for 3 days, 1, 2, 3, or 4 week period.

About Shipping


Once ordered, we ship the rentals straight to your door step. Time to put your rentals to work for you..

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Once your rental period is up, just drop your rental off in the original shipping box at a FedEx location using our pre-paid shipping label on the box to receive free shipping.


Rental Carrier Options We Offer that are better than Lowe’s:

  • Give us a try today. We are excited about the chance to make your life easier and less stressful.

What Type of Rental Car Carrier is Right for You?

  • Renting a Car CarrierNot sure which equipment will work for your car? We can help.

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