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Can I wash my dakine bicycle travel bag?


Can I wash my dakine bicycle travel bag?

How to Clean Your Dakine Bicycle Travel Bag (1 minute read)

dakine bike roller bag cascade camoSo you are unpacking your Dakine Bicycle travel bag after a cycling trip where your bike was covered in mud and dirt from an awesome race. You have now cleaned up your bike and are trying to figure out the best way to clean the travel bag itself so that it is ready to go on your next adventure? 

Not sure what to do? Googling to see what is the best solution?  You have found a good source to help make sure you are ready to go the next time you hit the open road with your bike. 

Dakine, the manufacturer, recommends spot cleaning with mild soap (like Nikwax Tech Wash), cold water and a soft bristle brush. Use these three items to softly scrub your bag to remove dirt, mud and leaves from your bag. Dakine strongly recommends you never attempt to put your Dakine luggage in a washing machine. This also assumes you can even find a washing machine that could fit the bag. Though don’t bother looking for one. 

Always ensure your Dakine luggage is dry (inside and out) before storing to avoid terrible things from growing in your bag.

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