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Differences between Yakima Halfback and Yakima Fullback bike trunk racks

yakima halfback bike trunk rack

Differences between Yakima Halfback and Yakima Fullback bike trunk racks

Yakima Fullback vs Yakima Halfback

You have googled the right page here to learn more about these bike trunk rack options. We get this bike rack question all the time. Below is a quick answer to help in your google search for the best bike rack for your upcoming adventure.  Still have questions? Send us a note, we love talking yaima bike racks with our customers.

The main difference between the Yakima FullBack and the Yakima HalfBack is that the FullBack comes with build in locks.

The Yakima FullBack includes integrated bike and rack locks, which provide improved security as an anti-theft device for the bike and racks over the HalfBack that does not have these built in locks.

Yakima does sell an external locking option if you have a Halfback and you want to lock it.

The main difference is the color with the Halfback coming in gray and the Fullback coming in black.

Both Fullback and Halfback have models that allow for two bikes capacity or three bikes capacity.  Lastly because the Halfback doesn’t have the locking option built in, this option is cheaper.

We sell both bike rack items and are glad to save you time, money and energy on both.  Both bike rack options are a great way to get out to see the world on your bike.

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Yakima HalfBack 2 Trunk Bike Rack-Holds 2 Bikes- we take offers

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