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Does Rentluggage ship outside the United States?

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Does Rentluggage ship outside the United States?

FAQ: Where does Rent Luggage ship its rental and for sale items to?

We are excited to help all customers located in the continental United States.  We have helped countless customers since 2012 via our shipping across the continental United States.

All our rentals come with free return shipping in the continental United States.  These rules apply to such rentals as our bike travel bags, ski racks, ski travel bags, rooftop carriers, golf travel bags.  We carry such brands as Rightline, Yakima, Dakine, Thule, SeaSucker, BagBoy and many more.  

At this time, we are unfortunately not able to ship items outside the United States to such locations as Canada. 

Yes that means if you are living in the Canada and want us to mail a rental to you and you would mail it back from Canada, we can’t take that order.  These examples also apply to Europe and Mexico. 

That also means if you have the item shipped to in the United States and want to mail it back to the Canada, we can’t offer free shipping on that type of rental either. 

Additional customer costs will apply if this return situation arises. Please note this situation prior to booking a rental with us.  

We wish we could help. Unfortunately at this time period, our pricing model and appropriate export obligations are not feasible at this time to cover these additional obligations.

We respect all foreign laws when doing business and serving our customers.  

Please continue to reach out if you are interested. We may be able to point you to a local option that can help. 

If you are bike, ski or rooftop carrier shop in Canada and are interested in partnering with us on rental referrals, please reach out.

We would love to pass along local Canada customer who are interested in rentals. 

We are always open to new partnerships.  Please let us know. 

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