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FAQ: Do you ship ski racks to ski resorts?

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FAQ: Do you ship ski racks to ski resorts across the United States?

FAQ: Where can I have my ski rack shipped to? Do you ship ski rack to ski resorts?

We ship an assortment of ski racks nationwide that are for rent, purchase and try before you buy.

You can have your rental ski rack shipped to any location that Fedex ships to in the continental United States.

This means you can have your order shipped to such places a hotel, a local fedex store, an office building, your office, your vacation rental, a golf course, a ski resort, a bike shop, a ski store, a college dorm, a high school class…  

One of our favorite customer stories is shipping our rooftop carriers to a family that was stuck at a ski resort needing to get back when their flight was canceled.

Our overnight ski rack carrier allowed them to rent a car, use our rental ski rack carrier, and make it back in time for a family event. 

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Return to FedEx

We have helped customers in all of these examples above utilize our ski gear rentals to save time, money and energy with our rental shipping options across the United States. 

These options above are great ways to avoid having to travel with your ski gear and allows you to have the gear shipped ahead of time so that you can travel in your car or on airline plane with fewer items. 

We also ship all of these items via fedex ground, Fedex 2-Day and Fedex Overnight.

You can determine your shipping options when you check out as we provide different shipping quotes based on your delivery ski rack requested time line.  

Let us help you today. 

FAQ: Will it cost me more if I ship my ski rack rental back from a different destination? 

Generally, no to the extent you are sending it back from another continental United States locations.

Yes, this means that you can have the ski rack shipped to your house in Colorado and then drive cross country with the item and drop the item off at a local Fedex in California without it costing you any additional money.

We have set up our services so that we can help you travel across the United States.

We call this unique service “The Way One”

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