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Five Roadtrip Tips when Heading to Disney World

Mickey Mouse Road Trip

Five Roadtrip Tips when Heading to Disney World

It’s SUMMER TIME and family road trip season is upon us. 

If you have a family Disney World road trip planned for this summer and don’t want to to experience hell on earth prior to experience the happiest place on earth, then trust us, you’ll want to absorb this article’s travel tips. 

Here are five Disney World road trip tips to consider as your navigate all roads headed to and from a Disney theme park. Like all great life lessons, we have learned these travel tips through many years of trials and tribulations. Trust us. You will be happy you read and implemented these travel strategies.

Disney World Road Trip Tip #1: Leave your children at home. 

Just kidding. 

Disney World Road Trip Tip #2: Think Ahead. We Repeat Think Ahead.  

Nothing kills a Disney World road trip like road construction and endless waiting with the kids that have to use the bathroom. With a little planning, you can avoid this nightmare situation. Our recommendation to avoid these horrible situations is to review the areas you intend to travel State Transportation Websites. On these State websites, States will describe major construction projects and their general work hours.Disney World Road TripUse this travel information to decide what driving routes are worth taking and potential times to pass through certain construction areas. 

We also recommend the app Waze on your smart phone as another strategy to avoid slow downs. Waze’s is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Drivers in your particular driving area share real-time traffic and road information, saving everyone time and gas money on their journey. 

Lastly, besides road travel planning, we recommend you think about in advance how many clothes and other items you are going to need on your family vacation. Nothing is worst than the night before realizing you don’t have enough luggage space for your needed attire. At Rentluggage, we have a multitude of rentals that can work for any type of trip and space you need. 

Disney World Road Trip Tip #3: Sign up to get your car reviewed before the road adventure.

Nothing is worst than your automobile breaking down in the middle of nowhere U.S. We recommend every traveler have their car serviced by a disney land road triptrained mechanic before a big journey. A few dollars spent on car maintenance can go a long way in making your trip fun and stress-free. Further, many auto shops have summer deals running now to make such a check up painless on your wallet. 

Road Trip Tip #4: Drive at Odd times  

As previously mentioned in Tip #1, planning can make a huge difference. In particular, your timing when driving through certain major cities can have a major impact on your travel time. For large metro cities, the best times to head through are early morning before rush hour and late evening after rush hour is over. 

Disney World Road Trip Tip #5: Pack an emergency kit 

This tip may sound like a no-brainer but pack emergency supplies in case you fall into Disney Land unexpected situations. Items worth including are: bottled water, snacks, a spare car key in case you get locked out, blankets, a first aid kit, flashlight, basic tools, and a cell phone charger.

Disney Road Road Trip Tip #6: Think outside the bo when looking for car space, aka think about a rooftop carrier.

On your road trip with your family or a group of friends, car space could be maxed out very quickly. Consider a rooftop carrier to add more space to your automobile.disney world road trip

Our rooftop carriers ship straight to you and can be shipped back anywhere in the Continental United States. Our rentals are a fraction compared to purchasing new and won’t take up space in your garage when your family vacation is over. We have a multitude of rooftop carrier options that can fit to any type of car roof you have.  

Not sure what rooftop carrier may be right for your car? No worries, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Renting a Car Carrier

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