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Golf Travel Pro Tips: Golf Travel Bags Hard vs Soft Differences

Golf Travel Pro Tips: Golf Travel Bags Hard vs Soft Differences

Golf Travel Pro Tips: Golf Travel Bag Hard vs Soft

Upcoming golf trip? Trying to determine if you need a soft or a hard golf travel bag? You have googled the right answer.

Here are five main differences to be aware of when determining what works best to protect your golf bag and clubs on your next road trip.

Golf Travel Bag Soft vs Hard Difference #1: $$$$golf travel bag hard vs soft

Quality (note the word quality as you can buy a cloth option with no padding on Amazon but you are going to regret it) soft top golf travel bags generally run between $100 to $250 brand new. Hard top quality golf travel bags run $300 to $400 brand new.

A few important quality golf travel bags features to watch for are

1.) extra padding within and on the outside of the travel bag,

2.) easy to understand instructions written in plain simple English, and

3.) strongly attached wheels and handles to make traveling through the airport easy.

Golf Travel Bag Soft vs Hard Difference #2: Locking Systems

Hard case do generally come with a locking system compared to a soft case that only has a zipper system. Though don’t bank on this locking system making a big difference as TSA limits your ability to lock the hard case when you travel. 

Golf Travel Bag Soft vs Hard Difference #3: Flexibility

Want the best of both a hard and soft top carrier? Check out the Bag Boy T10 that has the best of both worlds with both hard and soft case features built in. For instance, the top of the carrier is hard where your heads of the clubs lay and the bottom of the carrier is soft, allowing for easier hauling and storage. 

Golf Travel Bag Hard vs Soft Difference #4: Bag Space

Don’t assume hard case golf travel bags will automatically be larger than soft top options. Nowadays soft top manufacturers do make options that can be relatively large and can work on pro staff bags. 

Read closely what is called the dimension description on the golf travel bag you are reviewing to compare “apples to apples” hard v. soft bag space options for your golf trip. 

Golf Travel Bag Hard vs Soft Difference #5: Storage Space after use

golf travel bag hard vs softSoft golf travel bag can generally fold down into a box around 12 by 12 by 12 when your golf trip is over allowing you to place them in a closet or basement. Hard golf travel bag don’t have that luxury and can easily take up a significant portion of your garage or basement. If you rent you won’t face this storage dilemma. 

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