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How Big of a Backpack Do I Need?

How Big of a Backpack Do I Need?

At, we have learned from our travels backpacking across Europe and the United States, a traveler needs a backpack that is at least 65 liters in capacity. Anything else won’t work for an extended trip. If you rent something less than 65 liters, you will be wearing a lot of dirty underwear throughout your trip.

Also, the lighter the rental backpack the better.  Lastly, while you think you want a backpack with wheels on it, in reality you will not use this feature nor need this feature. The places you will go won’t have smooth terrain for wheels. If you are going to a place with smooth terrain, you probably don’t need our rental backpacks to begin with but instead our rental luggage.  Check out our perfect rental backpack for your next adventure. It expands to 65 liters in capacity. 


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