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How To Make Extra Cash for Travel

How To Make Extra Cash for Travel


Refer A Friend Program

Refer A Friend Program

Do you want to make extra spending cash to use on your next travel trip with family or friends? Your travel solution is here.

RentLuggage is proud to announce a NEW offer called “Refer a Friend” for our current travel customers. Earn a $10 cash bonus when you refer someone, who makes their first rental purchase with us!

How does the simple referral process work? Just follow these three easy steps!

1. Simply tell any of your family, friends or strangers about us any way you want such as social media, by phone, in person, via written letter…

2. When your referral is placing an order with us, have them type in your name in the field check out box labeled “Referral Contact Name” shown below.

3. Once we see the new referral order with your name, we will credit back your credit card $10 immediately on your previous order.

travel referral program

travel referral program money symbol


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