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How to Rent a Ski Rack with a Rental Car

How to Rent a Ski Rack with a Rental Car

The Ski Rack Rental Car Strategy

Upcoming ski trip? Renting a car but not sure how you are going to get all your stuff up the mountain? Don’t worry about it. We at Rentluggage have your solution. Below is a quick tutorial on how to rent one of our ski racks to use with your rental car. This tutorial will show you a quick, simple time and money saving solution that will allow you to maximize your rental car space.

Step 1: Rent a Car.

Generally, a quick phone call to the applicable car rental store can clarify their applicable car rental rack options they have available for your applicable trip.

Step 2: Check Out Our Ski Rack Options that can attach to your rental car roof option.

All three rental car roof options can attach to your rental car quickly and easily. Rental options can also fit up a multitude of skis. Check out this brief how to video to see examples for installation and securing skis to the racks. 

Click Here to See our Full Listing of Ski Rack Options

Step 3: Have the ski rack rental shipped to your house/ rental car pick up destination/ hotel/ or a near by Fedex Store.

Our Ski Racks can ship all over the United States. Below is a map showing our Fedex Ground Options. Though we have quicker shipping options. Drop us a note and or proceed to the check out to learn about our 2 day and Overnight Shipping options.

Our Otium rack is perfect to store with your regular luggage as your travel. It is only 4 pounds.

Rentluggage Shipping

Step 4: Enjoy the Ski Rack.

Step 5: Ship the Ski Rack back to us when your trip is over.

Free Return Shipping with all rental orders. Simply keep the box the rack was delivered in and place it back in it when you are finished using it. Don’t waste energy hauling the ski rack around once your trip is over. Send it back to us to let others experience this new ski rack rental car strategy.

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