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Travel Tip: How a RentLuggage Luggage Rack Saves Time and Money

Travel Tip: How a RentLuggage Luggage Rack Saves Time and Money

Below, a quick travel lesson and a money saving/stress relieving road trip travel tip for your reading enjoyment. (Only a 2 minute reading time for this travel idea).

Real Life Road Trip Travel Story

rightline rooftop bagFirst, the travel lesson for your curious money and time saving mind. Like most Americans, every Thanksgiving my immediate family hits the open road to see family and friends a few states away.

Last year, we took the bold step to rent a van and head down to Florida to see the grandparents. Good idea in theory. 

For this family road trip, we decided renting a large minivan would make this trip more tolerable. It would also allow us to more room inside the car.  Sound familiar?

Millions of Americans think this simple rental car strategy is a good idea.  Let me tell you the dark side of this concept. 

Though the rental car worked, this time/penny foolish rental car decision would come back to haunt us for several reasons: 

  • First, when we went to pick up the rental car, the car we requested was out of stock. We had to go with a smaller car than we originally signed up for. 
  • Second, once they found a van, we had to wait close to 45 minutes in line while they filled out endless paperwork. I think I may have signed away my first born during this painful process.
  • Finally, the rental car company tried to up sell us continuously.  No, I am not interested in you filling up the gas tank at $5.00 a gallon and $50 service fee.    

Travel Lesson Learned:

Rental Cars are overrated. They are only enjoyable if you enjoy waiting and dealing with pushy people. If you are like most Americans, time is money and waiting around in a car rental store is not fun or efficient. 

Luggage Rack Travel Tip

We at Rentluggage have an easier cheaper, solution. Rent a luggage rack carrier from us today. We have rental options that can attach to any type of roof from a naked roof with no rail system to a cross rail system roof system. We have staff standing by 24/7 to answer questions you may have. 

Our rental luggage rack carriers ship straight to your door and come with a pre-paid shipping label to send the rental back when your trip is over. 

Our luggage rack carrier rentals start as low as $39.99  and are a fraction of a car rental or buying a brand new luggage rack.  Do. The. Math Today. Our cost savings to you are at least a few extra Christmas presents under the tree this holiday season, an extra day of travel or a nicer hotel room.  

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