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Moving Help

How Does the Moving Help Work

Not sure how you are going to move all your stuff? We know how you feel and have thought long and hard about this problem. We at Rentluggage have the answer. Drum roll please for this answer to your prayers.uhaul rooftop carrier, uhaul moving tips

Answer: Rent our rooftop carriers for your next big move. Our bags ship right to you. We love to help people move. Our bags don’t get upset if you put them to work unlike friends or family.

Use our rooftop cargo bags to move all those small personal items such as clothes, books, and teddy bears to your new house. Simply mail back the rooftop carrier when your move is complete on us.

Also, one of the great things about our service is our roof top bags can be mailed back from anywhere in the Continental United States. For instance, you can receive the roof top carrier at your old home in Utah and send it back from your new home in Florida on us.

Check out our Rooftop Rental Options here and allow yourself to experience this money saving deal.   


Benefits of Our Services

With our rental services, no need to keep a roof top carrier after your move and clutter up your new space.  Use that new closet space for your spouse’s clothes and not luggage.

Piggy Bank with Money Saved on Luggage Rental, uhaul moving tipsAlso, with our rental rooftop carrier services you only pay a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing a brand new rooftop cargo bag.

Who Can Use Our Services

Anyone in the Continental United States. In particular, college students get ourHappy Customers, uhaul moving tips rooftop cargo bags delivered to your dorm room today for your trip home for winter or
summer break. Simply send our rentals back from your parent’s house or new apartment. Either rental return option works.

Moving Help Options We Offer

We offer a variety of roof top carrier rental options that can attach to almost any type of car. Give us a try today. We are excited about the chance to make your life easier and less stressful.