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Nationwide One-Way Rooftop Carrier Rental: Here's How To Accomplish This Trick

one-way rooftop carrier rental

Nationwide One-Way Rooftop Carrier Rentals: Here’s How To Accomplish This Trick

Upcoming road trip where you are leaving from a city you don’t plan on coming back to? You have googled the right rooftop carrier rental

Below is a travel trick you won’t learn anywhere else and something that will save you time, money and energy. Countless RentLuggage customers have used this trick to their advantage and you can as well.

Its called the “One-Way Trick”.

What does it mean? It simply means us shipping one of our rooftop carriers rentals to your starting destination and you sending it back from a completely different location in a different part of the United States at the end of your travel.

No extra charges to accomplish this time and money saving task unlike a rental car company.

Here is How the Nationwide One-Way Rooftop Carrier Rental Works.

Step 1: Find the rental rooftop carrier item you like and works for your car.

Not sure what rooftop carrier you need? Check our Beginner’s Guide to Selecting a Rooftop Carrier.

Step 2: Have the rental rooftop carrier shipped to your departure location. 

rightline rooftop carrierWe take rooftop carrier reservations months in advance. Book a car top carrier today. We will ship out your rental car carrier as your requested delivery date approaches so you receive it on your requested delivery date. 

We ship anywhere in the Continental United States FedEx deliveries to.  

Step 3: Enjoy the one-way rental rooftop carrier.

Use it until you arrive at your final destination. Our rental car carriers are a cheap way to double your car space on your next road trip adventure.  

Step 4: Use our pre-paid return FedEx shipping label to send the rental car top carrier back one-way rooftop carrier rentalto us from anywhere in the Continental United States.

Every rental comes with a free FedEx shipping label to allow you to accomplish this money-saving goal. 

Unlike rental car companies, this nationwide one-way rental doesn’t have any additional charges.

Yes, you read that correctly. No additional fees to accomplish this time saving task.

Step 5: Enjoy your extra time and money with this rental deal.

This deal works with any of our rental items. You don’t have to just use it on rooftop carriers.  Check out our regular luggage as another potential solution.

one-way rooftop carrier rental






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