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Rent- Rightline Gear Sport 3 Car Top Carrier

Rental Starting at: $49

in stock and ready to rent!

The luggage rental period starts the day you want to receive the luggage (i.e. delivery date) and ends the day you ship it back to us.

Product Description

Rightline Gear Sport 3 Rooftop Bag: No car rails required

Rightline rooftop carrier works with vehicles with NO crossbars or rails;  Yes, this means you can attach on most non SUVs aka a regular car.

  • Model: Rightline: 10030s Sport 3
  • Dimensions: 48″ long x 40″ wide x “14 to 19” tall based on usage
  • Capacity: Bag is 18 cubic ft (see product photos #6 for amount of bags possible) 
  • Product Instruction Manual Click Here 
  • Roof bag weight: 11 lbs waterproof car carrier; waterproof luggage carrier, rightline rooftop carrier
  • Waterproof: Yes 100% waterproof.

Retail Price New: $159.99, think of all the glorious things you can do with those rental savings when you rent with us. Why buy when you can rent for a fraction of the cost? 

Description: Starting in 2012, we have spent years thinking about, debating and meeting customers’ needs regarding the best rooftop carriers for adventures. Let us apply these travel lessons to your upcoming road trip so you can focus on the fun stuff. This waterproof Rightline rooftop bag was carefully selected for those road warrior travelers looking for a rooftop carrier easy to install, with lots of space and at a reasonable price. For over a decade now, these Rightline rooftop carrier models have helped our rental customers accomplish their road trip goals with satisfaction.

With this Rightline carrier, you have found a bag that wants to help folks create lifelong family vacation moments, move to new places and hit the open road.

Stop searching the internet. Book with us today so you can spend more time on the fun stuff. Let this rental help you so you can keep your memories, complete your move and conquer the open road. Your basement, garage or attic will thank you for the extra space you save by renting with us. Don’t let your basement become the graveyard of travel gear past. 

Moving: The Rightline rooftop carrier also goes great with your next big move in life as well. We are significantly cheaper than UHaul. 

Rightline Rooftop Carrier Features:

  • Also attaches directly to most factory rack systems or cars with no racks at all.
  • Rental Carrier includes black clips seen in product photo #10 for cars with or without rails.
  • Features urethane coated zippers, zipper flaps, and dual seam technology for 100% waterproof protection.
  • Made from heavy duty PVC Mesh and/or Hydrotuff material for long lasting toughness. Oversize pull tabs with zippers that allow for a zip line lock.
  • Very easy to open for loading and unloading due to its 3 sided zipper. Convenient loop-strap tabs keep excess straps bundled during car travel. Folds easily for storage when not in use and when returning back to us with our pre-paid return shipping label.

Questions about installing a rightline rooftop carrier? 

Click here for installation video for attaching without any rails or as we call it a naked roof

Click here for Installation Video for vehicle with Cross Rails or Side Rails

Click here for how this product is waterproof. 

Still Not Sure What Carrier is Right for You?

See how this Rental Carrier Option compares to our Other Carriers 

Beginner’s Guide To Renting A Car Carrier

How To Get this Awesome Carrier to You

Rent from and Return from Anywhere in the Continental United States.

It simply means shipping one of our rooftop carriers rentals to your starting destination and you sending it back from a completely different location in a different part of the United States at the end of your travel.

No extra charges to accomplish this time and money saving task.

Learn more about this timing saving trick. 

Click here to read our FAQ on Return Shipping. 


Please note that when you rent from us you are supporting small business that is passionate about their products, services and providing excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on offering unique services you can’t find at big box stores, giving you a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

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  • Free Shipping when you purchase rental services or travel products totaling over $125 in one order.
  • Our standard and cheapest option is FedEx Ground which normally takes 2 to 5 business days. Check out our shipping map of USA to see exact details of shipping days!
  • We now offer several FedEx shipping options listed  on the check out page if FedEx Ground is not fastest enough.
  • If you place a rental order after 5 PM Central Time, the earliest the rental bag will ship is the next business day. Please consider this timing issue when determining delivery date and shipping options.
  • Still have questions on shipping? Call us at: 866-550-1154.
  • We take orders several months out. The sooner you place the order, the better we can guarantee you will get your rental on time.
  • One valid coupon per transaction.

How Works


Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 11 in
Choose your rental time

3 day rental, One Week, 10 day rental, Two Weeks, Three Weeks, Four Weeks

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Q: Looking for Rooftop Carrier for 2013 GMC Acarida with side rails?  
— Asked by Tom on October 9, 2016
A: For that type of car, we recommend our Rightline sport top 3, it is water proof and can attach to side rails easily. Here is a link to the carrier. Let us know if you have further questions.
Q: I am leading a conference on a five day cruise ship out of Port Carnival FL and I have about 100 -200 lbs of materials which can not fit in my Sonata when I drive from Kissimmee Fl. I'm a half blind 74 year old so the simpler the assembly the better What options can you offer ? Thanks
— Asked by Sam on September 15, 2016
A: Sure, glad to help. Assuming the Sonata has no rails then our rightline sport 3 or 2 or yakima get pro option would work great. They very easy to install..
Q: How much is shipping to Indiana? We need a Car top carrier and what is the price to rent the rightline 10030s sport 3?
— Asked by Susan on October 16, 2016
A: We send all our rentals via fedex ground, which would be around $11 to $13 for our soft top carriers. The depends on how long you want to rent one of our rooftop carriers for. We offer 3 day, 1 week, 10 day, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 week.
Q: RIGHTLINE GEAR SPORT 3 ROOFTOP BAG rental come with everything you need to attach it to the car?? I have Hyundai does have a roof "rack."
— Asked by Judith on October 28, 2016
A: 1) Yes, it does come with everything you need to attach to a car. Rental Carrier includes black clips seen in product photo #10 for Rightline Sport 3 or Sport 2 which works for cars with or without rails.
Q: 1) I am looking at the Rightline Gear Rooftop Carrier. You have a 3-day rate and then a week. Can we rent for less than a week? 2) We need to guarantee arrival by certain date? What is your most reasonable rental that would hold 3 carry on size suitcases?
— Asked by Beth on November 8, 2016
A: 1) Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, we don't do any rental options between 3 days and 1 week. Though the rental price between them is only $5 so it may be worth the extra few days for a few extra bucks. We guaranteed to have your rental there by your delivery date you selected. We always try to sent it out in plenty of time before your trip. Most reasonable rental that would hold 3 carry on pieces of luggage is our Yakima Get Out Pro assuming you have no rail system. /shop/rent-yakima-prorooftop-cargo-bag/ If you do have a cross rail system on your car, then go with the Thule 857. /shop/for-rent-thule-857-tahoe-rooftop-bag/
Q: I have a 2012 Subaru Outback and I am looking for guidance on using the Thule 867 roof bag. My documentation recommends using   the factory installed rack in the cross bar configuration rather than as side rails. My question is - since the crossbar spacing is approximately 30 inches on center -  is there a proper and secure way to attach the bag knowing that it will overlap the rear cross rail by 11 inches?  Thanks in advance.
— Asked by Steve on November 25, 2016
A: Using crossrails makes the bag far more secure than just using the siderails. The bag comes with 4 straps allowing it to be secured to the roof. If we understand you correctly, you have a Subaru Outback with a factory installed crossbar. If so, according to Thule's website, the Thule 868 and Thule 869 both should work on your model. We rent both the Thule 868 and Thule 869. /shop/for-rent-868-tahoe-thule-roof-top-bag/ Your question was in relation to the Thule 867 which is previous model to the 868 and 869. In relation to your question about length, I'm attaching the instruction manual. Please see Step 3(b) called "mounting to crossbars". I believe this explanation answers your question about dimensions and attaching. The short answer is the four straps can be moved around as there are clips on all sides if you need to adjust. Please let us know if we can assist further.
Q: Luggage Rack Volvo xc60? I have a Volvo xc60 without luggage racks. We want to rent a Thule storage thing for a week long trip to Lake Tahoe - what is best option!? Thanks!
— Asked by Debora on December 26, 2016
A: The only rooftop carrier that will work for a vehicle without racks will be these two options 1. Here is link to rightline bag /shop/rightline-rooftop-carrier-rental/ 2. Here is the link to yakima get out pro /shop/rent-yakima-prorooftop-cargo-bag/
Q: Largest Roof Rack 1) Which roof rack is the largest? We are hoping to rent one for a week for a large SUV and would need the largest possible. 2) Either a Nissan Pathfinder or Chevy Suburban. Will that work? 3) Can I reserve one now for a trip in February? Of the trip is from Thursday to Tuesday, should I be safe renting it for 1 week?
— Asked by Jeff on January 8, 2017
A: 1) Our largest bag is Rightline sport 3. 1) Here is link to the bag. /shop/rightline-rooftop-carrier-rental/ 2) Yes, the rightline 3 will work on both options. 3) Absolutely, we take reservations several months out. Booking now guarantees we have one in stock for your relevant rental period. We won't ship the rental out until your requested delivery date approaches. Here is a link to the product to complete the order. /shop/rightline-rooftop-carrier-rental/
Q: Rooftop Carrier Nissan Pathfinder Do you think I could fit 2 of these on top of a large SUV (i.e. Newer Nissan Pathfinder)? Or supplement this carrier with another smaller carrier? Third option would be to supplement this carrier with a snowboard rack. Are any of these scenarios possible? We could use all of the storage room we can get.
— Asked by Jeff on January 12, 2017
A: 1) you are right with selecting an 1 week rental for your time period. There is no way to fit two rightline sport 3 on top of your vehicle. Unfortunately, not sure how you could go about putting a ski rack and cargo back on top your car either.
Q: We are planning a trip from Austin Texas to Salt Lake City Utah in March. We will rent a car one way, and fly back. Can we do the same thing with a Thule hard rooftop carrier?
— Asked by Martha on January 18, 2017
A: Yes, our Thule hard case Sidekick is available for such an adventure. All items come with a pre-paid fedex shipping label that you would use to send it back to us. For the hard cases we also recommend you send it back in the original box the rental came in as well to make it easy to ship.
Q: I was wondering how many of the rooftop bags I'm allowed to put on top of my car? I'm moving to Colorado in July and I'm thinking, if it's legal, I'd like to rent two of them for the trip there. What a cool service this is! SUPER looking forward to hearing from you!
— Asked by Michelle on February 15, 2017
A: Thanks for the kind words. Glad to help. We won't suggest putting to rooftop bag on top of your vehicle. Very doubtful you could fit two rooftop bags on your car.
Q: I was looking at the SHERPAK CAR TOP CARRIER 20 and was wondering if this would fit 8 piece of regular luggage? Myself and 7 others will be renting a chevy tahoe and we need to fit some luggage and the suv would be packed with people and we need something to hold everyone's luggage trying to find the right one.
— Asked by Krystle on February 16, 2017
A: The sherpak would work but we would recommend the rightline sport 3 which 18 cubic feet over the sherpak as the rightline is 100% and the sherpak is only water resistant. Have you looked at it yet? /shop/rightline-rooftop-carrier-rental/